Repay favor to community

While I didn’t have time to do the assignment on time, unbeknownst to me I already was executing partly.
The assignment is about investing in your community by leaving five comments, adding or updating a blogroll, and introducing a comment policy.

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Baby socialite
My steps on the social network platforms are very recent. Linked In was the first, since a few months. I put a daily effort in engaging and discussing topics there, but the other platforms I hadn’t entered yet. Changing my ways, I started to get a spot there as well. I’m like a on-line baby socialite, still learning how to ‘walk’. I sure paid attention to yesterday’s assignment and worked on it. Coincidentally writing the suggested five comments for day ten’s assignment.

Five comments
So, check! Yesterday, I was engaging my bottom off. I sure have left five comments, probably a bit more even. What else have I done and achieved the last few days?

I retweeted a tweet, I tweeted Shel Harrington’s blog post The Power Of A Compliment and twittered approximately 9 tweets in total. Suddenly I had my first follower.

I got a referral from Suzanne Dean because that other person, Stephanie Hughes, has the same interest in true crime as I have and we both have a page in that matter. Now I have two friends.
I commented on Stephanie Hughes’ page and I thanked Suzanne on hers for the referral.

Google plus
In one day three people added me. Total count: four.

Linked In
Because of a comment I left at someone’s topic ‘What Influenced You to Begin Writing?’, that person wanted to connect on Linked In. Now I have six contacts there.

To others this may sound meager. You didn’t achieve that much, did you?
I beg to differ. To me this is a lot, since it’s all done and achieved in less than a week of existence and working on getting noticed. I feel proud and happy, thank you very much, and it only can get better and better. I’m looking forward to that greatly.

I sure have considered a link page from other bloggers. Since my blog is mostly about true crime, injustices and other true stories in this matter, I would like a list of bloggers that fall into this category. I even want a two division, because I also write about improving yourself, achieving goals, the subject writing. Therefore, I’m also looking for people who can be in the blogroll for this part.

In the beginning of the course I already had posted an invite message to meet others in this area. Unfortunately, only one response and that blog was about fashion.
It sure was a very nice blog and I did visit, but the subject wasn’t what I was looking for.
The invite still stands, though. You can read it here.

Yes, I did check the blog course 201 blogroll. I admit, only after I read about it in today’s assignment. Which ones caught my attention and did I visit?

One long journey to self-discovery ~ Unfortunately hadn’t much more than a theme
Sarcastically Sweet Writer ~ Only had one post there
Frankly making money ~ Got my curiosity. I read around about socializing in a better way and I decided to follow this blog
Outta your comfort zone ~ Is no longer available
Discovered my website blog on place 24. He, that’s me! Of course, I didn’t need to visit myself, I already am there multiple times a day.
Slices from life ~ Looked already developed further along. I read the latest post and left a comment.

I will continue the start of this step later on.

First I need to finish this post and assignment. Plus, I have to follow-up on some other tasks I made a To Do List of.

Comment policy
Visitors can express their opinion freely on the articles I have written. They don’t need to wait for moderation or fill in a capture number. I count on the matureness of people, that they know what is etiquette and what’s not. Everyone gets a chance to show they can handle that responsibility. Criticism or sharper comments will remain on my blog website. I don’t like to censor people just because they have a different opinion or don’t like certain things I have on my blog. I’m pro freedom of speech. In reason, of course. I wouldn’t tolerate foul language, racism or personal attacks. I don’t want that pointed to me, but I also don’t want that pointed to other visitors. Everybody needs to feel safe and respected on my website blog. Those comments are removed after the fact and the person involved receives a warning. If that warning isn’t enough, well, then you will get banned.

However, at this point I don’t feel the necessity to add this to my website blog. My policy is so common that reasonable people already would act on it. The unreasonable ones probably wouldn’t take the policy comment at heart anyway. And I’m sure they already know the ropes of how it turns out when you act like that. I think they wouldn’t be surprised at all if they would find a warning in their inbox. Or the notice they’re banned, after the warning they didn’t listen to. 


Author of (based on) True Crime and articles based on injustices.

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4 comments on “Repay favor to community
  1. Good work.. Just finished a post myself, with my inbox at 48 unread messages.

  2. Thanks! I go over to your blog now, to see what you have written. 😉

  3. You’re making great progress, Mirjam! I hope you’re not limiting yourself to only following blogs on your topic of interest or including the same on your blogroll. While it’s helpful and enjoyable to read the writings of those with similar blog topics, I follow a variety of bloggers for different reasons (because I enjoy their sense of humor, they write on something I’m interested in learning, they are a friend, they make me laugh, they have great ideas, they inspire me, etc.) I find the diversity interesting.

    Also, I like your open comment policy. After I learned how to deal with the spam, I went to that policy, too. It’s frustrating to have to sign into something, or figure out those crazy “CAPTCHA” letters, and sometimes lose a comment that you spent a lot of time on because it ‘didn’t take’ the first time (which seems to happen a lot with the CAPTCHA thing). Like you, I find that most commenters are very respectful.

  4. Shel, good point you make and I take it to heart. I decided to expand that upcoming blogroll into more divisions than just the two I intended. Because your blog might not fall directly in the two I mentioned in this post, but sure it’s one I enjoy and follow! And others might enjoy it as well. Consider yourself included in that blogroll. I most likely would have come up with an other category anyway, just to be able to mention your blog. 🙂

    Of course I agree with you about the captcha. I often have to re-captcha, because I can’t read the letters. The second time I get numbers and those are easier to read. Up until now I don’t think a comment of mine got lost. Maybe I just was lucky so far?
    In my whole blog career (a little before 2006 – recent) it was only two times that a moderation policy had been good in those cases. That doesn’t weigh in to implement that moderation.
    Let’s keep our open comment policy, Shel!

    WordPress seems to have a build-in spam guard. It prevented two spam messages from getting placed here. Akismet, the spam guard, is my first and one and only ’employee’. Of course, he freelances all over WordPress, but ‘he’s’ on top of his game. It doesn’t matter to ‘him’ that I’m not a big fish in the sea. 😉

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