Survey request, thank you note, follow-ups

The assignment for today is to ask the people who visit your website what they want. Give them a voice or a say and create a survey.

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I created one with Polldaddy and I got a link to put on my website. It’s a target survey and I ask for 25 opinions. It’s my first try, so 25 people might be way too little. If so, I can learn from it for a next survey.
The survey: Express your opinion
If all went well, clicking on the link Express your opinion will lead you to the survey.
I’ll invite you to take it, but feel very free to discard it.
If you took it and it didn’t work out for some reason, please leave a comment here to let me know. I would appreciate that very much.
The survey involves four open questions. The first three you have to add something. The last is optional. It should not take more than 5 minutes to complete it.

Thank you
It’s time for an appreciation paragraph.
Since the beginning of the WordPress blog course, I’ve had fun in the commons of the 201 joiners group. I want to thank everyone who took the time to respond to me there. I also want to show my appreciation for everyone who started to follow me. You all gave me a good feeling when you did that. Furthermore, I thank all who visited and looked around, with or without leaving a comment. It’s great you all showed interest!

I know my website still can use improvement in various way. The first I made is the frame image I use every time, with a new post or article. I decided to add something extra for the articles that involve true crime. Because I don’t have a new true crime article completely ready at the moment to use the ‘new’ image, I will show it already in this post.


I’m also thinking about the new header. I collected some stock photos to use elements, to create a completely new header. In the survey, you’ll find a question about this subject. If you have great ideas or suggestions, head to the survey link above and let me know.

I considered another theme. I previewed all the available free ones. I’ll concluded I have the right theme for me.

The cross-country killer page will get an update soon. I want to tell more about the document I have written and near-future plans.
More’s in the planning, but all when figured out completely and introduced in their right time.


Author of (based on) True Crime and articles based on injustices.

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5 comments on “Survey request, thank you note, follow-ups
  1. Laurien says:

    Hey Mirjam, I’ll take your survey, but I’m a little busy so I might come back to it in a week or so. I appreciate the thought and effort you put into your blog and enjoy your candid bloggin201 posts!

  2. I’d love to know how your survey worked out, Mirjam – I’m thinking about doing one on the Fat Bottom blog. People need to know that it only takes a minute to answer the four survey questions – they may assume it’s something more involved.

  3. Laurien, great you stopped by. I will answer your mail asap.
    Thanks for offering to fill in the survey when you have time.

    Shel, you’re right. I corrected that in the survey itself now.
    I will also correct it in this post later tonight. (at the tone it’s 20:14 in the NL)
    Thanks very much for taking it while you didn’t know upfront how long the survey would be. 😉
    As soon as I know more or when the target is reached I will let you know how it worked out.

  4. Sherri says:

    I’ll take a look at your survey Mirjam. You are doing great here, and helping others long the way! I didn’t do anything like this when I started my blog, I was clueless. I could have learned an awful lot from you… 🙂

  5. I have put a new image for it on the front page and in the widget for the following pages. You can easily find it now.

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