Achieve a Goal Challenge

Achieve a goal challenge, achieve, challenge
 The weekly challenge to encourage you in achieving! 
 Read along to find out more!


Duration and Day
2 months (end date: June 29)
We can set a new end date if we want to continue, because there never is a real end to achieving. For a first time challenge, an end date gives oversight and most people can commit to one post once a week. There’s no need to subcribe. If you feel you will forget about it, you could decide to follow me to get a reminder, when I post my weekly post.
My weekly post day: Sunday night

RULE 1  Create a To Do list
This is for yourself and you only need to create a document you store somewhere on your pc where you can find it easily. If you choose 8 tasks you have enough to do the complete challenge.
This list is convenient to get oversight about the tasks you finally want done.

Then you only have to pick one every week, instead of frantically thinking what could I do for this week. Plan a bit ahead.

RULE 2  Blog post on your blog once a week
Write a blog post about the task you have finished and publish it on your blog

You’re not obligated to create a category with the name achieve a goal challenge, but it could be handy for yourself. Then all your accomplished task posts are in one place. If you need a boost about what you achieved, you hurry to your category and give yourself an applaud for the things you already achieved. It gives encouragement to go on.

Otherwise: Give Jimmy Cliff a chance to encouragingly sing for you – you can get it if you really want
Go ahead, sing along with him!

RULE 3  Short summary plus link to your weekly post
Place it every week under my new weekly challenge post in the comments.

Other participants who stop by to leave theirs will see yours, might get interested and head over to your blog to read about your goals and tasks. It may inspire, so I do encourage people to give the comments a bit of attention. And not only drop your link and bye bye, you’re out the door.

You can however, it’s not a rule to pay attention to others. That’s your choice.

RULE 4  Only use the comments for placing your summary with link.
If you want to comment on a specific person, head over to their blog and leave a comment to compliment them, to give positive feedback or criticism, say good job or just like the post. Otherwise the comments under my weekly post will become a chatty place. Nothing wrong with that in general, but we’re doing a challenge and every one wants to be seen with their link.

RULE 5  Having fun is key here
A fun challenge with a little push to finally get some of your tasks done. It’s benefiting your achievement of personal or professional goals. What you put into it, you will personally benefit from. You have it in your own hands. This challenge isn’t going to force you to do anything that doesn’t fit your daily schedule. Join when you want, check out when you want, it’s all up to you.

RULE 6  Only one entry per week.
Of course, you could do more tasks and blog about it. I even encourage you to do more tasks if you could pull it off. But. To not clutter the comments (longer loading times) under my weekly post, I have to set this rule.

Exception to the rules
Every rule system should have their exceptions, to prevent becoming too rigid.
Therefore, it’s perfectly okay if you have to skip a week because you’re too busy with work, suddenly had the flu or otherwise have a reason to let it pass a week. Then I’m happy to see you return the week after. I don’t do the ‘didn’t do it this week, you’re out the door’ policy.
Everyone is welcome any time.

Description for your weekly post
Explain what the task is. Why do you want to do that one. How much time took it to finally do it since the first time you thought about it. What’s the time frame of finishing, since the moment you started working on it. Was it harder than you thought? Was it a piece of cake, in hindsight? Did you set a too big of task? Should you have divided it in smaller parts? Did you encounter difficulties, while trying to finish it, and how did you solve it?

This description is to help you along in writing your post. Feel free to skip a question and by all means add some of your personal creativity in your blog post.

1. it gives you a chance to finally check off tasks one by one.
Result is one goal/task achieved every week. A new result is something to feel good about. You’re making progress!
2. You can share your happiness with other people, who also are working on achieving, which is great, in my opinion.

You’ll create your own award weekly, because what’s more awarding then achieving something you want? And you did it yourself, you get the credits.
This event isn’t about (real) prizes.
I think the set-up of this challenge is far more valuable than a one-time price ever could do for you.

Is something not clear? Do you just want to ask something involving this challenge?
Feel free to fill in the contact form with description ‘challenge’. Then I know what it’s about and I can give it priority in responding.
I will do my best to respond within two work days.


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