Key is Socializing and Executing Plans

I decided to skip the original assignment, which is about monetizing.
No monetizing to see here.

blog course 201

My blog isn’t ready. It might be in the future, but only after I fully can say: ‘Okay, I’ve developed enough to give monetizing a serious thought now‘.
If you came by and are now disappointed I won’t go into that more in-depth, you can visit marketing, advertising and monetizing, o my! On that page you find out more.

Then what are you going to discuss?
Near future plans for this website blog, a little continue of going through the blogroll in the commons of the blog course 201 while I still can, and the socializing progress I made since the last time I talked about that.

Near future plans

The current header is good for nothing. I think we all can agree on that.
I made a start with creating a new one. It might take several days before I dare to show it here.

To make sure everybody sees there’s a survey, I will put a clickable image on the homepage, in plain sight. Eventually I’ll reach the target of 25 participants.

Bigger plan division
I’m in need of detailing a part of the big plan I have. A fragment involves improvements for my two website blogs.
I need oversight, a stricter schedule and a time frame. It’s part of the social plan that’s discussed in the create a social plan post. This document is in progress.

I am going to implement a Dutch part on this website. On the front page, a self-created button will appear that leads to Dutch articles you now already find in English. Instead of keeping this the English version of the subjects I write about and the Dutch version on my second website blog. I’m going to use that website for my goal of landing a job under contract as a Web content manager or similar field eventually.

YouTube account
I’m thinking about making good use of my YouTube account. For example: trying to create some simple videos about true crime cases, linking to my website and other on-line hangouts, engaging more in comments under true crime documentaries. I have done that for a long time, but that was under a personal account. I consider the Mirjam Penning account more than just a personal account, and this account will take over.

Front page
The main image gets a make over by separating the parts, to create stand-alone clickable images.
For a better overall look, I will rearrange and adding parts.

Knowledge center and design atelier
After I finished all the assignments I will focus more on delivering content to the knowledge center and images for the design atelier. Those parts clearly are underdeveloped and that needs to change. It gives the wrong impression about me.

The University blogging course has an enormous long list of links to blogs.
I can’t check them all in time. Therefore I copied them to a new document. Then I can do more than just go by what attracts and skip the rest.
Here I name three new ones that still were promising on further inspection.

The Minimalist March – a personal mission to live a more minimalistic life

Scribbled Brews – blogs about WordPress blogging course 101: Zero to Hero guide from WordPress, currently

DS Remote Lab – learn about networks, programming and more

I also want to name one other blog I did visit twice, but haven’t mentioned here yet. I think it deserves a spot:
Klees Butterfly Travel Blog

Social Platform Progress
It changed from one follower to four

I could welcome two new contacts. That’s from 5 to 7.

A member of the blog course 201, FantasyAngel, started a facebook page, so we all can continue meeting each other when the course finishes. That’s basically today, unfortunately. She made me manager. No, that’s not an exclusivity. Everyone who wants to participate will get that role. At least that is how it is currently.

WordPress blog course
This two-week course was very helpful and I’m a bit sad it’s finished.
The good news is that they promised other courses. I already made clear that they could sign me up automatically. I’m into learning new knowledge and skills. Bring it on!
And I certainly am not done discussing parts of this course. For starters, there still is the day 14 assignment and more to follow-up on. More blog posts will show up on this website.

This site
brought new followers. It went from a little less than 10 to 20 followers.

You’re all very welcome!

GoodReads backlog and Google Plus
He, you’re not talking about GoodReads or Google Plus. Correct. I neglected GoodReads, while I still have two reviews I want to write there and adding a new book I’m reading, for the 2014 challenge. Mine is to read 30 books this year. I’ve read eight so far and busy in the ninth.
And Google plus, there isn’t much to mention. No new contacts and up until now I just place links, that refer to posts or articles here.

We can’t progress everywhere at the same time. The only thing we can do is make a To Do list and make sure we can check every task, day by day. And that’s exactly what I set out to do.


Author of (based on) True Crime and articles based on injustices.

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3 comments on “Key is Socializing and Executing Plans
  1. J. Sander says:

    If you’re interested, I nominated you for a Liebster award!

    • I’ve read your post. It reminds me of the blog tour I did not so long ago. Is it the purpose that I find new people to join and do the same?
      Or is a bit of a different approach also fine?
      For example: I give you a spot in my upcoming blogroll and I name 11 facts and also answer the eleven questions, so you post those on your blog? Because I like to join, but I don’t have time currently to look for new people to join this.
      I’m open for a new approach, though, because I already feel honored you thought about asking me for this.
      Thank you! 🙂

      • J. Sander says:

        Well if you were interested in doing it you just create a new post that includes in it 11 facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions I asked you in my post, and then choose 11 blogs that you want to nominate and ask those bloggers 11 questions. It’s just basically a way for bloggers to help out fellow bloggers and help readers discover new blogs.

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