2009 Queen’s Day Drama

Queen’s day left us, King’s day replaced her. For the first time this year.
It’s even moved to an earlier date: April 26. Queen’s day normally was on april 30
Only 5 years ago, something happened that left a very bitter aftertaste.
To say the least.

Queen's Day 2009, drama, true crime

It was the year 2009. It also was the hundredth’s birthday of Juliana of the Netherlands, mother of then Queen Beatrix.

Apeldoorn in The Netherlands
A man, Karst T, 38, had planned to cause a collision with the bus of the Royal Family with his black Suzuki swift car. That bus, without a roof would do a route through Apeldoorn that day. He knew it, like many others. It was supposed to be a fun parade, but he totally changed it in something very grim.

Somehow, his plan didn’t work out as he had intended. He didn’t hit that bus. It was a near close call, but he drove into a bunch of people just standing or walking in the vicinity. His car didn’t stop or even slow down. With the same speed, it sped along and came to a halt against a monument we call ‘De Naald’. In English you would say ‘The Needle’. Only then most people realised something was going on. It all had happened so fast. Chaos broke out. People had seen other people flying through the air and landing on the pavement. Members of the Royal Family also surely saw the effects of what had happened. Princess Máxima and Prince Willem-Alexander looked on in horror, and some others on the bus who already realised as well.

Suddenly, the sunny happy day, full of festivities, had turned into a crime scene with shocked, devastated, hurt and even dead people. It was horrible. Nobody knew why that car even had been there and why. There was no time for the back story. People needed medical help, 112 had to be called. The first ambulance arrived within three minutes. By then unscathed people and medical personal were already helping the unlucky ones.

The Gelderse hospital in Apeldoorn had to get ready quick, for all the wounded that would arrive soon. Visitors waiting for care with less urgent medical issues got send away to come back later. Ambulances were coming and going. The Military Police also were doing their bid with bringing people to the hospital. Everyone, who could, pitched in where necessary.

A few hours after the incident, a house search was issued and started for the house of Karst T. He himself would not care anymore. He didn’t survive. Eight people died that day.

Link to short video
You can’t really read the text, unless you would use Google translate, or understand what’s said in the video but the images are telling enough of the drama unfolding. If you’re up to that, that is. Don’t worry, you don’t see people get hit, I checked. You basically see the last part of his drive before his car hit the monument and the aftermath. If you don’t want to see that, don’t click this link, okay?

The video

I know, the picture of the culprit in the main image above the article, can come across as shocking. Normally I wouldn’t post too graphic pictures. The newspapers around that time didn’t publish that picture either. It can give people a very bad feeling and I’m not here to achieve that.

However, I’ll make an exception (now) and the newspapers as well (2010), because this image won The Silver Camera Award (translation in English) for best news picture of the year. Photographer Pim Ras took it of culprit Karst.

Plus, sometimes it’s necessary to create some sort of shock effect. We see and hear so much through all sorts of media channels that we sometimes get numb. This attack on an official celebration day, which the perp of course knew full well, was shocking also. I wanted to create a bit of the atmosphere of how it felt for the people who were there, watched it happen. One moment everything is great, fun, a good day and the next it’s totally different.

Picture sources
The three pictures I put together in the above frame, I got from website Ondernemer.nl


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2 comments on “2009 Queen’s Day Drama
  1. Life is so precious we should never take It for granted, and yet we do.

  2. Hi Patricia. Thanks for visiting!
    You certainly are right. Sometimes we take life for granted, while any moment something can happen. We should automatically value it more, while we still can.

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