The last assignment for this two-week blog course. It’s about planning an event or a challenge.

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If you want to read the original assignment for day fourteen, head over here

My challenge
I came up with the Achieve a Goal Challenge. You can read all about it here

That already was a challenge on its own. When I started to read the day fourteen assignment, I thought I couldn’t come up with something that fast. I was wrong. I could. That made two achieved tasks today.

Other tasks
Because, I could also come up with an image for the survey I created in a previous assignment. Placing it in the widget on the other pages went smoothly. But me and the home page do not get along that well today. I ask certain things and then it refuses to do it my way. Who’s actually boss here? We’re going to have a serious talk soon, which means I am going to use a table. Everything will stay neatly where I want it to show up, one way or the other. Wish me luck. I foresee difficulties along the way.

I think this will be my first task for the upcoming challenge. A neat home page.

It’s over
The blog course is officially done. This post is the last fragment of the assignment I have to complete. I want to thank everyone who I met during these two weeks, the ones that responded to me, the ones that liked a post from me and everyone that took the time to visit my website blog.

It felt good to focus on a course and becoming a more productive and better blogger. I’ve got the basics now. It’s up to me to continue following this good path. I will give the good example by doing my first post for the challenge upcoming sunday. Hopefully you join me!


Author of (based on) True Crime and articles based on injustices.

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6 comments on “Challenge
  1. Cool stuff around here. Enjoyed touring the place (and your comments during the course).

    • How nice of you to stop by and expressing your thoughts!
      I still have back log in visiting back the people that stopped by, including you, but I rectify that in the following weeks. That’s a promise and I tend to keep mine. 😉

  2. Sherri says:

    Very well done Mirjam, looking forward to your next post 🙂

  3. Thank you, Sherri. The upcoming one is true crime. I hope to post it a little later tonight. At the tone it’s 22.39, Dutch time.

  4. Peggi Tustan says:

    Go, Mirjam! Congratulations on finishing your course. I enjoy the way you express yourself. I like your confidence, Mirjam. You are on the road to success! 🙂

    • Hi Peggi, a pleasure to see you again.
      I stopped by your place today as well.
      Still think your site is fantastic looking. It will take me a long time to get there, before I can say the same.
      And thank you for your supporting words.
      Have a wonderful weekend!

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