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Mirjam Penning, Biography

The Author
I became a blog author of non-fiction articles about true crime cases in 2006. I only wrote in Dutch. Now I also write articles in English. My writing defines as ‘based on the truth’. Since the end of last december I work on my first e-book Cross-Country Killer. I have plans for more e-books. You can take a look at my current projects for more information.

The (aspiring) Web content Manager
I got into web content by creating ‘simple’ websites and editing (web)texts for entrepreneurs. Creating new images from other ones, elements and (my photo) materials is merely an enjoyable hobby. I created all the images on this website and I often return to earlier work to improve what I created and get a better outcome. I’m not a graphic designer, nor do I claim or aspire to be one professionally.

What do I want?
My main goal is learning and expanding skills, writing e-books and being a Web content Manager. My genre is writing non-fiction. My niche is writing true crime, on this blog. I will develop further and maintain myself, like a web content manager would do.
Most of my articles will involve the subject (based on) true crime, true stories, injustice on one hand. On the other hand it is achieving goals, expanding skills and learning new ones. I want to share what I learn(ed) with others in the Knowledge Center

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Author of (based on) True Crime and articles based on injustices.

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