Progress: Challenge, networking, biography, blogroll, menu

The WordPress blogging course 201’s done. I’m not, let’s start an aftermath series.
I can’t tell you upfront the number of posts the series will be. Let’s wait and see.

Wordpress Blog course 201 aftermath

In a two-week period you aren’t suddenly a better blogger. You might think you are and then it hits you. I got the info handed out, but I’m basically still the beginner with lots of work to execute.
Don’t lean back now! Daily assignments don’t show up anymore as a reminder. You have to come up with your own. That I told myself right after.
Well, tell us. How much assignments have you done so far? How far you progressed?

The Challenge
I thought the challenge would keep me going in continually addressing how to blog better and to offer a more appealing website. That I got right. I thought I would welcome people who similarly want to achieve smaller goals or even details in assignments as well. That I miscalculated.

According to plan and said date, I came up with a, I admit, quite a lengthy post. Task one, and about my efforts to create the beginning of a better looking front page. If you have some time left in a, I’m sure, busy schedule, you could read my trial and error in this matter.

My hope was to inspire others to join me in working away backlog tasks. I hoped to see summary comments with a link about theirs. I’m sure people are out there in the same achieving boat as I am. Probably I picked the wrong time for this challenge. January is usually resolution month. This period people are too busy with other projects, studies and exams.
It’s still a win-win challenge for me. I achieve what I set out to make happen.

Two Networks
I joined two starting networks with participants of the blogging course and I’m active in brainstorming about those blogs. On one of them I handle the biography and the link page. We had so much fun in the commons area, we didn’t want to lose that fun. Therefore we joined brains on two new website blogs, to stay in touch and establish a network of creative and/or writing bloggers.

Biography page
The volunteer task brought me to my biography page. That could be improved. I decided to change the existing page and come up with a different approach. Now it’s a structure page, referring to two other post-pages. When needed, I easily can expand.

Most people handle a blogroll, aka a link list, in a widget on their website blog. I don’t. I’ve added a link page, in progress, as an option visible with the mouse point on the blog button in the black menu, on top of my page.

Self-created menu
That menu has become a thorn in my eye. It bothers me that it’s loose from the white space beneath. I’m in the process of replacing that menu. When I’m ready to implement, I’ll add a clickable image leading to that link page on my home page. Then the black top menu will disappear. It has lost its role by then.

Author comment
This aftermath series isn’t all about me. You could pick up on information I discuss and use that to your advantage for your website. Questions? Feel free to ask them.


Author of (based on) True Crime and articles based on injustices.

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4 comments on “Progress: Challenge, networking, biography, blogroll, menu
  1. I’m glad you’re sticking with the growth plan, Mirjam – I’m enjoying the evolution!

    • And some trial and error as well. 🙂
      ‘Normally’ people only would publish their web content package when they feel they completely have something that looks good and totally is to their satisfaction.
      I didn’t start out like that. 😉

      In my case people can follow my efforts to improve visibly, as an ongoing process. My site is constantly on the move. That has some advantage. A site where stuff happens very often is more attractive to return to then a site that already’s done and sticks with a post a week.
      The downside of course is when people decide you’re a light weight with all the trial and error or images that aren’t professional (enough) and don’t return.

      I had to pick one in this matter. Because I already was online anyway, I decided to go for letting people watch my improvements, expanding, learning etc.
      One of the purposes of this blog is that people can learn with me when I learn. In that light the route I chose to take is fitting completely.

      For some people that route is appealing, for others it isn’t, but then those people just aren’t my audience. That’s okay. You can’t satisfy everyone. 😉

      Thanks for letting me know you’re one of the people who enjoys watching the growth.

      • Most of us are a work in progress, Mirjam and almost all of us can look back on our first posts and see the evolution to our present posts – we’re all just not as wonderfully open about it as you are!

  2. I think that might be so because other people choose to blog about other subjects.
    Then talking about progress for the website itself doesn’t really fit.
    The fun thing is that I didn’t plan to blog about blogging and assignments beforehand.
    That sort of happened by accident. 🙂

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