How to find cheerful encouragement

My second WordPress daily prompt. The May 6th, titled ‘Pick Me Up’, about ‘what’s my one word or phrase that immediately cheers me up when I hear it.


There isn’t just one you could come up with. The world is full with resources.
To stay closely related to content purposes of this blog, I pick ‘You can get it if you really want’

I mentioned this sentence briefly before, on my achieve a goal challenge page. It’s from Jimmy Cliff’s, in my opinion, encouraging song.
It’s an ‘old’ song from the ’80’s, but I learned about it in the ’90s. In those days I merely found it a happy song with a nice melody. I didn’t think much more of it then.

Nowadays the song has gotten more meaning. I’m not just daydreaming anymore in the things I want. For me daydreaming now is just one of the signs to get me to work. I make big efforts to let those dreams, turned into goals and splintered into small tasks, become reality in some shape or form. How to improve your achieving is hard work, without getting immediate long-term results. Sow now, reap later. When I feel discouraged moments, I put in my ear phones and sing along with Jimmy Cliff:

You can get it if you really want
But you must try. Try and try.
You’ll succeed at last

If such a text isn’t encouraging, I don’t know what is.

Well, I do know what else is encouraging. People who tell you, you’re doing certain things well.
That also helps to keep walking along the taken path. Want to know how to compliment a loved one or even a complete stranger, read Shel Harrington’s five ways to share a compliment. Because you like to receive them, but others do too. Start handing them out to others.

The message
Merely is that you can find enough sources to cheer you up in an instant. If you’re looking for them or recognize them when they’re around. And that’s very personal, because what might inspire me, and cheers me up, might not do the same for somebody else. But in general you find it in music, poetry, the subjects you’re interested in, images with a striking short text and other people. You name it and you can find your encouragement.

It might come in handy to have all those personal encouragement sources you know work for you, in one place. When you desperately need a quick fix you have an archive ready.

Create an encouragement folder on your pc.
Put in:

  • Videos of encouraging and cheerful songs
  • Images that awake something positive in you
  • Created documents with:
  1. complimentary texts that people wrote down on-line to and about you

It’s your folder. Make sure you only put in the most favorite files, that really make you feel cheerful encouraged. Stuff it full and you will have to do a digital cleaning soon.

Author of (based on) True Crime and articles based on injustices.

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12 comments on “How to find cheerful encouragement
  1. murielle says:

    Some good ideas here. I tend to forget too quickly and easily compliments when things are going bad or when I lose my confidence. Re-reading nice comments and compliments from people is a good thing.

    • Hi Murielle, I’m glad it’s helpful.
      I think we all tend to forget it sometimes and then we haven’t anything ready when we quickly need it.
      We should gather and cherish the compliments other people gave us. They’re valuable and should be kept to review later again, instead of letting them get lost in the huge digital world.

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  3. aimingtobegreen says:

    I have a happy book. A bit old fashioned as not on the computer but it’s a book of compliments, leaflets from places I’ve been, photos, phrases, things cut from magazines etc.

  4. Love the idea of a pick-me-up file, Mirjam – thanks for the suggestion! I’ll pass the idea on to my clients – going through a divorce is such a difficult time, it would be nice for them to focus on some good things during the process!

    And thank you for linking my ‘Compliment’ post. Compliments and smiles are two of the few things I can think of that you can give away generously and never be depleted!

    • Your article about the compliments fitted perfectly in my post. I couldn’t leave that out, Shel.
      I certainly think it can be helpful for people who struggle with certain events in their life. A digital folder or an off-line scrapbook can help them getting back some light, to give room for focus on small but positive signs translated into memorabilia. To bring back some balance to cope with the less good things

  5. Noreen Watts says:

    Just the title to this article made me smile for a minute. I love all of the little “pick me ups” that you can find in different places. I have several quotes and phrases plastered all over the house. (Right now mine have to do with weight loss, but still they are positive and uplifting). Nice article.

    • Noreen, it sure is a good thing to have such reminders. No matter the subject, as long as you feel good about the quotes and phrases, you’re achieving the purpose they have. To make you feel good about something you work on.

  6. xerxeska says:

    The songs of the 80’s and earlier had some sensible lyrics.I don’t know anything about the recent ones because I don’t listen to them. The lyrics you mentioned in your blog about trying again and again make perfect sense to me. Which is why I am still trying.

    • Xerxeska, nice to see you here!
      I agree with you that the earlier times songs have more value and meaning. It also may be that it’s because we grew up with those. The younger people listening to music from now will feel the same about their music in ‘their time period’. I think my parents feel the same about the music they grew up with. (’60s) I like ’60s music as well, because my parents let me grow up with that also. Like you, I barely listen to nowadays music.

      The mentioned lyrics make me feel also I have to keep trying. And that’s what I set out to do. I hope you will keep doing the same and everyone else. We never must give up in what we want to accomplish.

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