How to retrieve a color code

color codeUsage: staying in tune with the color theme on your website or because you would like to use that color for a new to create image
Needed: paint and/or Photoshop
Two ways: Print Screen and downloading the image

Download image

  • Right click the image to open it in a new window.
    Right click the image again to ‘save as’ to a folder on your pc, where you keep your images.
  • Open Photoshop
  • Choose open and pick the just downloaded image
  • Choose the eyedropper in your panel on the left
    Tip: if you don’t know which one the eyedropper is, let your mouse point rest on an option for a few seconds
  • Use the eyedropper and click on the desired color
  • Look at the two color squares in the left tool bar
    You see the front one now has the color you clicked with your eyedropper
  • Click on that color square
    In that screen you’ll find the color code
    (# with a number behind it)
    That’s the color code you wanted to retrieve

Print Screen

  • Press the Print Scrn/SysRq button (You just made a copy of the entire page)
  • Nothing’s happening? Correct
    We first have to open the Paint program
    You’ll see a small white square, press ctrl+v at the same time and voilà, there’s your print screen
    Now you’re going to select the area with the desired color.
    Press on select in the menu above your image
    Select the area and press copy in the same menu

    Close Paint and save nothing
  • Open Photoshop
  • Choose new
  • Press okay (there’s no need to name it and don’t change the size)
  • Select the whole area of the opened empty image
    By choosing the rectangular marquee tool top left in the left tool bar
  • Click on edit in the menu
    Choose option: pasting special
  • Now you have your image on-screen
    Use the eyedropper to retrieve the color (hex) code
    (see download image for the rest of the process)

If you don’t want the hex code, you can convert that code into a rgb code by using this converter.


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