Detailing Social Plan and schedule

Week 2 of the Achieve a Goal Challenge
For this past week challenge, I worked on the social plan with a schedule
First week’s post you can find here

Achieve a Goal Challenge, home page

Social plan 
Such a plan is best handled similar to a Business plan. In this plan you’ll predict time, not money.

You can download a business plan example to work with, if you need an idea how to set this up.
You also can just start a new document in a word processor program.
As long as you start the boost you need to get oversight, a place to keep track of the bigger picture and the sub-tasks involved, you’re one step further in working away backlog tasks and achieving your goal.

It’ll be easier to write and complete a social plan or any plan if you have a smaller project on your hands to do this with. My plan involves so much different areas,  it isn’t doable getting it done in one week.

What I could do
Page one: I added all the areas involved with a short summary of its purpose.
Page two: I created sub-titles for those areas to note down more in-depth what tasks should be done for each. I’m collecting all the tasks, which involves research. It’s an ongoing process to determine them all.
Page three: A general simple schedule, to improve while working with it. All the for now gathered tasks are neatly classified per day.

With a plan, whatever plan, belongs a schedule.
We all want to make progress and give room for all tasks in all areas.
To balance all the to do’s you best create a schedule that addresses those all during the week.

I used a simple table with two columns. One cell is for naming the day. The other cell is for naming the tasks. My table has seven rows. Monday to Friday each have their own row. Sunday and Saturday I combined.

To start off well immediately, fill in the tasks you already gathered and appoint a day to them. Repeating daily tasks will be placed in the schedule on all days.
Give your filled in tasks a realistic time-table in number of minutes.

Part of my schedule as an example

Week day



  • Socializing (mails, contacts, requests etc) – 60 m
  • Addings to the design atelier (mirjam penning blog) – 30 m
  • Working on the build of website (web content handler blog) – 60 m
  • Publish an assignment post on class of april 2014 website – 30 m
  • On-line Course – 30 min

It’s important to find out how much time a certain task really needs.
For the first week you’ll have to guess the number of minutes, if you don’t have oversight in that yet.

After the first week you’ll notice where you have to adjust time. We only achieve that knowledge if we keep track of the time by noting down how much minutes we actually needed for a certain task. That’s necessary as a part of working with the first week schedule.

After that week you’ll ask yourself some questions

  • Did I follow-up on the daily tasks in my schedule as I was supposed to? If not, what caused it? How can I create a schedule that I do follow-up on? Discipline might be an answer here.
  • Was the given time per task in tune with the actual time? Correct where needed.
  • Could I’ve done a certain task in a less time-consuming manner? Think about how. For example: by creating documents with texts you use often. Copy and paste could save time.

Author of (based on) True Crime and articles based on injustices.

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9 comments on “Detailing Social Plan and schedule
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  2. Noreen Watts says:

    Good plan…Thanks for reminding all of us to do this.

  3. I’m amazed at how often I underestimate how long a task will take – still working on that one!

    • Shel, sure true. From experience, it always takes longer than you thought it would be beforehand. Therefore, I try to calculate time broadly.
      At the same time, I try to pinpoint how I can do certain tasks quicker, as in time management.

  4. Susan Ekins says:

    Mirjam, I like your ideas about scheduling tasks like social media and also checking how long they actually take. It would help me a lot to structure my day rather than just let the hours disappear without getting to my main task – the actual writing.

    • Hello Susan, I was a bit behind with responding to people because of the projects I have worked on last week, but I’m catching up.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      I personally find it not that easy to work with a time table and giving the right time to a certain task. It can be done of course, but I think it takes a few weeks before you know better how much time you need to spend on all the tasks.
      If you carefully keep track of time that is and note that down.
      Only if you have figured that out, you can work on implementing time management to shorten time and work more efficiently. It’s a process on its own.

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