Blogging aftermath

This week I discuss header, homepage, revising pages, survey follow-up, blog schedule and the thorn in my eye black menu

blog course 201 aftermath post 2

The header
The new one’s almost finished. We’re getting somewhere.
I only need to improve the green lightning part. Some green around is showing. It wasn’t visible in Photoshop, because I work with a transparent background there.

When you upload an image with a transparent background (.png), it automatically mimics the background of where you place it. In this case: white. Then you suddenly see inconsistencies you overlooked in Photoshop.

I’m considering changing the header’s height. Currently, it’s 300 px. A bit smaller will bring up the rest of the page more in sight, which I prefer. Other than that, I’m quite satisfied with my new header.

The homepage
Me and the front page have been busy last week
We’ve learned to work together, which was about time.

Consistently we agreed on smaller images, because that sometimes was an issue. When I implemented an image, existing text suddenly moved beneath, leaving a big white space above. That’s a no-no to me. I filled the white space top right, between the self-created menu and the weekly challenge announcement. That space was caused by an error on my part. I, by accident, removed a cell from the table. That’s now corrected by placing it back, merge it with the cell beneath. Following, I added Author with a clickable link to a link page.

Working with a table in html code can be confusing, if you want to merge two cells into one. You have to adjust the right html code without messing up other cells.

Revising pages
I want to give each page or post a more consistent and similar look. An ongoing process, because with every new post the link needs implementation in three places. In a widget, on the front page in the self-created side bar and in the right category page on this site. 

Survey follow-up
Thinking about and executing the opinion people were so nice of giving in participating in my surveySome suggestions related to:

  • The header

Someone mentioned displaying a gun. I did use that one.

Another mentioned a thumb print in blood. I considered it heavily, but I saw that used on multiple similar sites. I didn’t want to do the same as many others have done. I will use it as an element for an improved True Crime image later on, though.

Blog schedule
While writing about a Social Plan with Schedule I also thought about a blog schedule.
I need one as part of the general schedule I use for all I have to do during a week.
I have the Sunday weekly challenge post. At least until the end of June and probably it continues after.
For now, I have the Blogging Course 201: aftermath series on monday. Because I also volunteered for the same purpose on the class of april 2014 blog I admin, along with others, this day might get changed. There’s a poll I created, to find out what day is most popular. Next week I determine what day the blogging course aftermath series consistently continues. 

The black menu
This time I argued with the black bar menu on my page. I thought I just could erase it and be done with it, after I published my self-created menu. No, no, the theme template told me. Then I just will show all of your pages there. I definitely disagreed. It looked awful, because I have quite a number of pages. It looked I had no choice but to keep that menu. Therefore, I set up three categories there instead. If there’s a way to get rid of that menu, I’ll find it, and then it goes. I’m adamant about that.


Author of (based on) True Crime and articles based on injustices.

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3 comments on “Blogging aftermath
  1. Laurien says:

    Hey Mirjam, it’s looking good! One small thing: maybe it is a good idea to name the kind of thing people can learn, or give an example. Literal people like me might think we’re going to find a How-to related to True Crime. Though I really might be the only one with a weird mind like that 😉

  2. […] You can read what I did with those and more as a conclusion for my WordPress Blogging Course 201 Aftermath series. […]

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