Portfolio and websites project

Three weeks into the Achieve a Goal Challenge
Missed the first two posts? First week and second week
This time it’s about three other related current projects of mine
A Portfolio Presentation document and the websites’ development

  • Penvoering
  • WebcontentHandler

Achieve a Goal Challenge, home page

That’s why it was quiet here the last few days.
I was juggling between trying out my new time schedule with the social plan and working towards achieving a step forward for this goal.
That goal can’t be reached in one week, because it’s part of a bigger plan. It can be discussed how far I’m along.

The Bigger plan
A semi-part of the bigger plan is about a ‘dream’ job.
A detail goal in this is getting the portfolio ready. Later I’ll also convert it into a pdf-document.
I’ll send these documents to employers to eventually achieve the goal of landing a job in the web content field. Some employers prefer pdf’s. Others might prefer Powerpoint. I got that covered.

Portfolio Presentation
First I wanted the portfolio completely in the same style as the websites, but I changed my mind. How it develops now, each website has its own theme. Then I might as well create a presentation that stands partly on its own, but with some similarity with the sites. For example, the Polaroid image and the color green.

Framework, texts and images
It was good practise to fiddle with settings and options in Powerpoint. A chance to create something I normally do not work on. It almost was like getting a new website ready with writing texts, creating images, working out a frame to repeat on all the slides.

To give an idea of how the portfolio presentation turned out so far, here under an example image containing four slides. The original document has ten.


Extra portfolio work
The front page of the presentation still needs some work
The biography page in Dutch and English need more text.
I want to change full texts in summaries with a link to the related website page

Take a quick peek at the frame-work, because there’s barely content and it’s in Dutch. I decided to try another theme for this website, but keeping my brand style in mind. In my opinion they still feel related, because of the similar header, similar colors and in the near future the adding of true crime content, despite being in another language. There won’t come a design atelier, but a knowledge center might.

Work done there

  • Finally settled for the Coraline theme with a wrinkled paper background
  • I used the same header as on this website but I edited it suitable

Web content handler
If you wonder about the name, I do too, but my options were limited. The name Web content Manager in every shape or form was already taken. A handler is in a way the same thing. It just has to do.

Work done there

  • Decided to use the Dask to Dawn theme
  • Created six pages and four posts
    Three pages for biography, resume and skills
    Three for the dutch version
    Two posts as part of the biography and two about ongoing activities, thus bilingual
  • Translating

I calculated two more work weeks to finish these three projects to a certain workable distinct
For the portfolio
Personal difficulties I encountered merely in having lack of inspiration how the complete ‘product’ should look. I’m not convinced I’m there yet with the look. Something is missing and I need to find that something.
For the websites
I feel I’m going somewhere.

A week well spend


Author of (based on) True Crime and articles based on injustices.

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6 comments on “Portfolio and websites project
  1. You’re making some great progress, Mirjam!

  2. […] More than one website If you have more than one website to run like I have, you need to make sure the others get ready as well, logically. Therefore, last week, I invested more time in the two other sites, as discussed as subject for Sunday May 18′s Achieve a Goal Challenge post. […]

  3. Noreen Watts says:

    You sound like you have “planning” down. Good job.

  4. Thank you, Noreen, I always appreciate your comments.
    The next day I will work on getting a better time schedule, still a work in progress.
    That certainly will help with the planning. 😉

  5. […] week’s post in the Achieve a Goal Challenge merely is a continuation of the previous post. The two before that you find here and here. So again, we will discuss the Penvoering and Web […]

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