Blog schedule and websites

This week we discuss a blog schedule implementation and my further plans towards websites and web content

Blog course 201 aftermath series

Why should you want a blog schedule?

  • To create some regularity on your site
  • To let your readers know what they can expect when

It doesn’t have to intervene with creativity. You still can be as creative as you want about anything that comes up into your mind. You just keep going with creating new documents about certain subjects and post them when your blog schedule tells you to post what.
You just need to work a bit in advance. Then the schedule won’t be in the way of your creativity.

Working on a blog schedule
We established a connection between my WordPress blogging course 201: aftermath series and the weekly Monday Assignment Day I do on the Class of April 14 website.
Past Monday I published a post there with the suggestion of creating a blog schedule, among other suggestions like header and home page.

I opted for creating a new page and a link on the front page referring to it. A response from Charlene Oldham was that she wanted to create a widget in the side bar.

Widget Schedule

More ways lead to Rome. In this case two ways

  • An example of a widget schedule (see image)
  • My schedule linking to a new page

I had in mind to complete a full blog schedule for the Mirjam Penning site. That’s changed. The next weeks I’ll stick to the two weekly events I have running, included the work involved for those. It means I’ll maintain a limited schedule in that period and there will be no new True Crime articles. That’s because of the following.

More than one website
If you have more than one website to run like I have, you need to make sure the others get ready as well, logically. Therefore, last week, I invested more time in the two other sites, as discussed as subject for Sunday May 18’s Achieve a Goal Challenge post.

Why would you want to have more than one website?
To explain. During the WordPress blogging course 201, it came up.
Determine if the content on the one site you have fits together.

I decided then that instead of two sites I needed three.

  • Mirjam Penning
    For English content about articles on true crime, true stories, injustices and a learning part about web content and internet.
  • Penvoering
    For Dutch content about articles on true crime, true stories and injustices.
    Maybe later also the part that does exist on Mirjam Penning.
  • The Web content Handler
    A portfolio resume showcase, linking to named above websites.

First I thought two sites should be enough. The Dutch and English part together and another as a showcase. I came back from that. The set-up I already have on Mirjam Penning would make it necessary to topple over the frame-work. It’s easier to keep those languages separate and just develop Penvoering to the same level as Mirjam Penning.

With that decision I’m in for twice the work that I already have done on Mirjam Penning.
That means less will be happening here the next few weeks. Mirjam Penning developed quite nicely since its birth last March, but it means Penvoering, similar in brand and style, stayed behind.
I’m correcting that by trying to catch up on the two other websites.

Next week’s post in this blogging course 201 aftermath series will be about a blogroll, which I translated to Author Links. I need to catch-up with this feature by visiting other blogs and add more links to that page.


Author of (based on) True Crime and articles based on injustices.

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  1. […] Last week we discussed a blog schedule as one of the possible assignments. Either implemented on a separate page or, as Charlene Oldham commented on, as a widget in the side bar. You can read about my follow-up on this part in the weekly Monday Blog Course 201 Aftermath series, part three. […]

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