Achieve a Goal Challenge 4

This week’s post in the Achieve a Goal Challenge merely is a continuation of the previous post. The two before that you find here and hereSo again, we will discuss the Penvoering and Web content Handler websites and the portfolio. This time we also add text content into the mix.

Achieve a Goal Challenge, home page

Website Web content Handler
I changed my mind about the ‘blue’ theme. I should’ve stuck to my original plan to keep the similarities between the three sites more clear. My main colors are white, black and green. Officially black and white aren’t colors, but that’s a note on the side. I also would’ve preferred to implement tints of the color brown, but somehow it didn’t fit with mirjam penning and penvoering. I found a theme for the portfolio website that had white and brown as their regular color. Perfect. The black I could add with a background I had stored on my computer and the green I could implement myself manually with html, in the pages and posts I set up.

This change prevented me from creating a fitting background and saved me time.
A good one for my time management implementation efforts.

Mission accomplished and I won’t stray again to other colored themes.
Plus, now the portfolio is more fitting with this website.
To take a look at this website: Web content Handler

First I thought I maybe should change a lot in the portfolio document, because it didn’t seem to fit with the web content handler website. It seemed too much of a stand-alone without a visible connection to the three websites. I didn’t know how to make a fitting change. Therefore, I felt I had to give the portfolio a rest for a few days. By changing the theme of the website I solved this issue. Sometimes you realise something else is the ‘culprit’ if you get stuck with something.

Slowly it’s coming together more, by trial, error, trying out things to see what fits and what combines to make it a complete package. Like Hannibal often said in the tv-series The A-team (from the ’80s):
‘I love it when a plan comes together’. I still can visualize his supporting grin and cigar.

It isn’t always obvious beforehand when you work on things.
At least not if your name is Mirjam Penning and you just have to start and find out by executing to find the coming together plan in all this. After you’ve worked on tasks for a while and you see it getting shape, the coming together of the plan, then that gives a great feeling.

I’ve added five articles I already had lying around. They’re published to have five links for the ‘in the spotlight’ category in the side bar, but four of the five still need revision and two or three articles need pictures to go along.

Basically where it comes down to now is text. As I see it now, the designing part for the frame-work’s covered.
We’re finally back to writing, creating and revising content.

What still needs to be done
I made a short task list in this matter. Hopefully that all can be wrapped up in the following week. Then I set out to the next steps in achieving goals.

The list

  • Website penvoering
    Revising four articles
    Creating two/three images for articles
  • Portfolio
    Writing Summaries
    Linking to the mirjam penning and website content handler sites
    Create new theme to be able to pick my preferred color for links
    Adding social media links on the contact page
  • Social plan and time schedule
    Fine tuning for the next week
  • Mirjam Penning website
    Implementing the word author in the links image

Author of (based on) True Crime and articles based on injustices.

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