Time to sit back for a moment and find out where you are in the process. What still needs to be done?
For this weeks blogging aftermath series it was time for a little break and just make a list of ‘open’ tasks.

WordPress Blogging Course 201 aftermath series

Tying loose ends
By working on a different set of tasks, described in the achieve a goal challenge, I got a bit behind with action here.

Time to ty up a few loose ends I can think of at the moment.

  • The Cold Case Library picture somehow got lost in the process. It needs to return to the front page
  • Blogroll – needs to expand
  • The ‘I didn’t do it series’ might become a one time article – needs to get written
  • The forensic article – needs to get written
  • The organisation article – needs to get written
  • Survey – has lost its function and will get removed from the site
  • Certain articles need to get linked better
  • Certain pages need modification

I will have enough work with that coming week and will have to come back on that.
It might be a good moment for you as well to evaluate what you build up so far and where to go from there.
Questions you could ask yourself are:

What works? – It can stay
What doesn’t work? – Remove it
What other ideas do I have with the website?

Making a similar list as I have done above can help in getting oversight what your loose ends are.


Author of (based on) True Crime and articles based on injustices.

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2 comments on “Evaluation
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