Ticking off list tasks

This week in the Achieve a Goal Challenge I pick up where I left of. With the remainder of tasks that would finish the mini project I was doing the last weeks. If you just tune in or missed one in this series, read the previous challenge posts
Achieve a Goal Challenge, home page

As a reminder:

The list

  • Website penvoering
    Revising four articles
    Creating two to three images for articles
  • Portfolio
    Writing Summaries
    Linking to the mirjam penning and website content handler sites
    Create new theme to be able to pick my preferred color for links
    Adding social media links on the contact page
    Making sure it’s saved in the slide show format of PowerPoint
    Check if all links point to the right places
  • The Web content Handler portfolio website
    Revision of several pages
    The creation of four images
    Two new pages with subject projects, one in English, one in Dutch

These tasks are the loose ends of the mini-project involving the set-up of two websites and a portfolio document.
I’ve tied up all these loose ends and I count this part of the plan as finished.

The revisions
It came down to translating, adding information, rearranging part of texts and correcting mistakes.

For the Penvoering website I kept it simple and re-used earlier created images with a slight difference.
For the Web content Handler website I created four new images that function as big menu buttons.

New pages
I re-used the current project page from this website as a new feature on Web content Handler. I translated the text to Dutch for the project page in that language.

In the end it wasn’t necessary to create a whole new theme. I had to click on create a new theme and got a screen with what feature had what color. I only needed to change the color that belonged with links. That was it.

Next goal and small step in the bigger plan is the writing of a motivation letter I can re-use and edit over and over. On top of that I’ll convert from PowerPoint to PDF, to have two versions of the same portfolio document.


Author of (based on) True Crime and articles based on injustices.

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