Tying up website loose ends

Last weeks post in this blogging course 201 was about evaluation.
The purpose: to look at what you’ve built up so far and ty up the loose ends.


I had my own list to take care of:

  • Survey
  • Cold Case Library Image
  • Author Links aka Blogroll
  • Site navigation and side bar pictures
  • Header
  • Linking
  • Contact page
  • Backlog articles

The past week I handled those one by one.

I removed this feature, because it was already on the website for quite some time: unused. Although prominent in view, it wasn’t doing anything to ‘encourage’ visitors to take the survey. If something doesn’t work anymore, remove it. It only takes up valuable space. The given responses are still available to me to dip in on suggestions.

Cold Case Library image
The image belonging to a page with an oversight to all previous articles is back in place, filling up the spot the survey left behind.

Author Links aka Blogroll
I edited the existing links image. The word Author is now in the image. It saved a little space to combine them. The blogroll or as I like to call it ‘Author links’ is a work in progress. I added two extra categories. Blogging, SEO and websites with one new link and learn programming languages with two. Another link’s added to inspirational: women making strides

Site navigation and images
My front page solely functions as a site navigation tool. I rearranged parts to make it fit in the least space as possible. Now I have a complete oversight what to find where.
Unfortunately, I can’t remove the black menu and decided to then use it mostly as archive menu with category pages:

  • Blog
  • Challenge
  • Daily Prompt
  • True Crime

Except the true crime section. That is an oversight page to all the previous articles I manually add.

I prefer to have a bit smaller sized images. The four clickable images, the achieve a goal challenge image and the ‘in the spotlight’ one. I resized them a bit smaller, to support my effort to create a front page where you see most in one go. I also had to exchange the side bar images to maintain a same size everywhere on the site.

The height changed from 300 to 200 px, to uplift the elements on the front page. Together with the rearranging of those elements, visitors will see most of the page in one view with as little scrolling as I could achieve.

With every new post I publish I have to make sure that post link’s implemented in the right places. Sometimes I get behind on that maintenance, but I caught up. For example with the blog section page. All the so far written articles about the blogging course aftermath series are together at one spot.

Contact page
The form seems to work, but if it doesn’t, I’ve added my email address to be ahead of that.

Backlog articles

  • The ‘I didn’t do it series’ becomes a one time article
  • The forensic article about victimology
  • The how to digitally organize article
  • The how to defragmentize article

These four articles are next coming up. I created four new posts in draft mode for now. The last backlog in tying up the loose ends. After the publication of these articles, I’ll see how to go on from there.


Author of (based on) True Crime and articles based on injustices.

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4 comments on “Tying up website loose ends
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  2. I love that you’re still growing and evolving, Mirjam. I hope you are enjoying the journey!

    • That’s sweet of you, Shel! And I sure like to keep developing and growing. What I missed a bit the last few weeks is interaction with others. I have in mind to do a blog round one day per week to see what others are up to. It might inspire me, maybe I can bring something to the table by commenting on something. I enjoyed that as well and I want to go back to that. Still working on balancing everything. 🙂

  3. […] week’s post ‘tying up loose ends‘ already made sure I did away with quite some backlog tasks. Apparent at the end of that […]

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