Get around writer’s block

Learn how to unlock your mind and let the thoughts flow

Writing exercise 20 minutes

The idea
Use this exercise if you feel you’re stuck in writing or as some like to call it the, infamous, writer’s block.

How does it work
Just open a new document and start typing what your mind comes up with, without stopping. That’s harder than it sounds. Because we will read what we type and that isn’t the purpose. Don’t look at what you type, how you type it or if you mistype. Ignore all and keep typing. Focus on what your mind comes up with and just document.

What to gain
The purpose is inspiration gain. After you have written for 20 minutes, only then you read what you’ve written. Ignore the mistakes. Ignore the rawness of the piece of text. Look at your text and see if a certain subject, thought or idea sticks out. That might be your subject for a new blog or article.

If you’re new to this, 20 minutes might feel like a long stretch. Start with a five-minute exercise and expand later on.

This exercise came up as a first assignment for the WordPress Writing 101 course.

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