Meet the Serial Killer series

Inspired by WordPress Writing 101: Building a blogging habit. Create a returning feature for your website involving a series. They called it ‘The Serial Killer’. They didn’t have a real serial killer in mind. For my subject I did have real ones in mind. That’s how ‘Meet the Serial Killer’ found its existence.

Serial Killer, Derrick Lee ToddThe Baton Rouge Serial Killer
Derrick Todd Lee
Serial Killer, Moses Sithole
The ABC aka Gauteng Killer
Moses Sithole
Jack UnterwegerJack the Strangler
Johann ‘Jack’ Unterweger
John Norman CollinsThe Co-Ed Killer
John Norman Collins
Saeed HanaeiThe Spider
Saeed Hanaei
Richard Paul White The Boaster
Named by me due to unknown

Richard Paul White
Next Runner Up: Apollo Ortega

Author of (based on) True Crime and articles based on injustices.

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