Backlog articles and blog schedule

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Last week’s post ‘tying up loose ends‘ already made sure I did away with quite some backlog tasks.
Apparent at the end of that post: I have backlog articles and an unfinished blog schedule.
Time to focus on these parts.

A number of 4 backlog articles

  • How to handle defragmentizing
  • I didn’t do it
  • Victimology
  • How to organize

How to handle defragmentizing
An article about the need of defragmentizing the files on your computer and what to consider along with it. Read how to handle defragmentizing, because I was able to finish this one.

He didn’t do it
Past week I also worked on this article.
It’s about an episode of the ‘I didn’t do it’ television series. A man named Dewey Bozella got convicted for a crime he didn’t commit. It became quite a draft in the dashboard, with a word count of 1200. I hoped to be able to publish it last Tuesday as that week’s random article, following my blog schedule.

It wasn’t possible. Why? This case is quite lengthy, involving a lot of twists, turns and set-back in events. Trying to sum up those didn’t go as smoothly as I hoped. I will have to review the documentary of this case again, to refresh my memory about all the details. I want to find the right approach for a good enough summary of this case.

The other two
I’m in the middle of a better organisation of my folder and files. First I need to finish that before I can write how to organize in helping others do the same.

The victimology article is in the research stage of gathering all relevant information to create a good understandable article about this part of technic in finding perpetrators.

Blog schedule
The Mirjam Penning website had a half-finished blog schedule. I could get that far to complete this schedule and give it a more prominent place on the website. For the front page it’s placed under the site navigation elements. For the other pages it’s placed as high as possible in the text widget I use and manage manually with html.

You can see the schedule to know when to expect what in a more expanded manner.

As a note I mention I have a further purpose for the new Saturday feature. I have another series in mind, with an archive feature for the black menu bar and an oversight page with all the unsolved cases I choose to give some attention weekly on Saturday through Facebook and Twitter.

Having a website schedule helps in developing a more detailed schedule for all your daily activities. 


Author of (based on) True Crime and articles based on injustices.

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