Meet Moses Sithole

Moses Sithole, serial killer, Africa

A black man who also defied statistics, like Derrick Todd Lee, because according to serial killer profiling most serial killers are white. He did stick to his own race though, another statistic that sometimes doesn’t hold up. Probably a no brainer in this case he chose black women mostly. He was living in Africa and most people are black there.
He used economy as his trick to lure women to a secluded spot, under the pretence of taking them to their new job he promised them.

Before they could lay their hands on him to lock him up, he had created his own grave site area with a ‘population’ of ten women and at least one child. One of the women had to bring her 2-year-old child along.  There wasn’t anyone else who could take care of him, while she worked at her new job. It’s not exactly clear if he murdered the child as well or that he just left him there, with his dead mother, until he sadly died of exposure. It didn’t stop with then killings found in the same area. He had moved on elsewhere to continue. His total score: 38 murders, 40 rapes and 6 robberies. Unless he becomes 2,410 years old, he will only get out of prison in a body bag.

The whole story

Updated: Monday, January 18, 2016 (Changed image)


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3 comments on “Meet Moses Sithole
  1. Peggi Tustan says:

    It is hard for me to wrap my mind around a person who has no respect for life, liberty, truth. It’s a very scary true story, Mirjam.

    • Peggi, I’m not even trying to wrap my head around it. Those type of people are too different from us ‘ordinary’ people. I see no other way to describe this.
      They don’t have a conscience, while we do. But they are in our midst and we do need to be aware of how they operate. The serial killers I ‘present’ in this feature are no longer a threat to us, but there are more who are still roaming around free. If we know better what does them thick, we can better protect ourselves from becoming victims.

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