Remember the unsolved cases

The world’s a big place with a lot of daily crimes. Unfortunately, some cases remain unsolved.
No suspicious missing, (accidental) killing or brutal murder should be forgotten!
Therefore, let’s remember the victims whose killer’s still unknown.
Let’s remember the missing of who we don’t know if they are alive or dead. 

Let’s raise awareness for the involved families. They’re waiting to bring their loved one home, get justice for them and hear what has happened to them. Why and by whom. Even when long ago, the families still care. They still need answers. No matter how long ago, it still matters.

This oversight page will showcase the names of missing, killed and murdered people that caught my attention. Name of the series: Remember the unsolved.

Unsolved Cases list

Beverly Jay Mintz, unsolved case
Beverly Jaye Potter Mintz
kathleen kolodziejKathleen Kolodziej
Ilham Benchelh, missing, 2010Ilham Benchelh Angela Hammond
Wendy Lynn Huggy Monique Roossien
Terry Brooks Rewis Peggy Cox
Porschette Charslyn Evans December 4, 1997. She was an exotic dancer who's never seen again after leaving the club that night.Shannon Rayanne Turner
Haven't had a chance to look into this case. That's why I don't know any details yet about his murder. It's the son of one of my Facebook contacts and I offered to give Curtis a memorial on this page. Details and a blog article will follow later.Curtis Williamson Carol Ann Andersen

Updated: Monday, february 22 2016


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