Meet Jack Unterweger

Jack Unterweger

An Australian man who pulled wool over many people’s eyes.

His previous police record between 1966 and 1975 mentioned sixteen convictions. Mostly he had done petty crimes, but among those an assault on a prostitute. In 1974 he crossed a point of no return and murdered 18-year-old German Margaret Schaefer. He went to jail for that crime in 1976. The sentence: life in prison without parole for the first fifteen years.

Before and after his release, Jack apparently had a scam plan in mind to convince people he was a rehabilitated man.
In prison, he started to write and his work became famous. In 1985, a campaign was set up to get Unterweger an early release.
That didn’t happen, but it did set the groundwork for planting belief in people’s mind this man was rehabilitated. Therefore, he got out immediately after he’d done his minimum of fifteen years.

He even became a sort of celebrity as a writer/journalist and appeared on shows as a host to tell everybody he finally had made something of his life and left behind his criminal past. He even covered the stories about new murders that had happened for a living. Later it became clear he covered his own murders. The truth was that he started killing again approximately four months after his release.

Did you ever had doubts before a serial killer is able to ‘change his ways’ at all? After taking notice of this case you probably feel confirmed we should reconsider that theory or even throw it out the door completely.

It sure could’ve saved some of the women’s lives had society believed these type of people are incapable of rehabilitation.


  • Falco made a song in the 80’s called Jeanny. They say it’s based on Jack Unterweger. This song came out in 1986. By then, Jack had one murder on his name and sat in jail for another four years, before he got out to kill more women. If this tidbit is true, the character Jeanny portrayed the murdered Margaret
  • A 2008 theater production is based on Unterweger. John Malkovich plays Jack
  • Jack was back in prison in 1994 and committed suicide in his cell
  • Entering Hades: the double life of a serial killer, written by John Leake, is about Jack

The whole case

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