Meet Richard Paul White

Richard Paul White in the interrogation room talking to himself
The serial killer who told ‘everybody’.

The ball basically got rolling when one night Richard called his sister Danyall. She had to help him. He accidentally shot his friend. He needed her to come to get some of his gear. Then he could hide in the woods and she would bring him food. She believed the shooting was an accident and helped. After dropping him off in the woods she returned home, she read an article in the newspaper about the friend’s death. It said they considered the death a suicide. Danyall couldn’t let that slide, by letting the victim’s family think their loved one had killed himself. She called the police. September 10, 2003, they arrested White in Aurora Colorado. In the interrogation room, he started to spill the beans. He had more deaths on his hands.

Richard had a history of making up stories. Danyall had quite some examples imprinted in her memories. One was that he had aids, only to find out a year later he didn’t. He made up stories about robberies, but if they were really committed they would’ve been mentioned in the newspaper. He also lied about a friend of him, who supposedly had died. Danyall walked into that friend two years later. She learned that Richard lied all the time, about everything, to everybody. At least, that’s what she thought. After Richard’s arrest, he claimed to his sister that he told her those stories about killing people so many times, because he knew she would do the right thing. She would stop him. He was right about that, but I don’t think that was his reason he told. I think he counted on people not believing him. Then he could boast about it freely and nobody would stop him. He was a pathological liar, right? Another reason or double reason could be that he loved to put a guilt trip on his sister. ‘He, I told you! Over and over. You didn’t believe me. You could have told the cops, before more people would’ve been killed. Yet, you chose to think I was lying. That’s on you.’

They found two bodies in his back yard and another one ‘somewhere in the wild’. He targeted prostitutes, because nobody cared about those. His opinion. He told one of his victims and I quote:’Didn’t your mother tell you not to get in the car with strangers?!’. He even prayed with one together, because by praying together God would listen. She was forced. Not that it helped. He killed her anyway.

Some women managed to get away from him. Either because they were lucky to escape or because he released them. Why he picked and choose to release some, we won’t know. Maybe they hit a nerve with him. His sister, for example, could hit a nerve with him by mentioning her kids. She needed that twice to save her life.

His case never saw a courtroom. He plea bargained and got life without parole. Otherwise, the prosecutor would’ve asked for the death penalty. Typical how most serial killers love to kill others, but are afraid of death themselves.

More details about this story

Source: Television series Evil Lives here (Pictures of Richard are stills of this program)


Author of (based on) True Crime and articles based on injustices.

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  1. sadiequinlan says:

    Just found your blog Mirjam – thank you! Im loving it – and I will sign up. Sadie xxx

    • Aww, Sadie, that’s sweet. Thank you! Have visited your blog as well and have read a few posts so far, starting at the bottom. Saved the link to read the rest later. And I plan to respond to it in a private message.

  2. aishwarya148 says:

    Hey Mirjam, this is your first piece of work that I’m reading… It’s one of the most interesting articles I’ve read recently… You’ve now got a follower in me 🙂 do stop by my blog and follow it if you like what you read…

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