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Photoshop-pingImgApproximately seven weeks ago, december 2015, I renewed my crush on Photoshop. The Adobe Creative Cloud version to be exact. We met before, but due to circumstances we lost contact. Now we’re back together. Since the software itself has a minimum of brushes, patterns and textures, it was time to go shopping digitally.

While I’m not fond of shopping in general, all the more I like to shop digitally. For example, when it comes down to in this case ‘accessories’ for Photoshop. There are many great designers and hobbyists out there, who share some of what they created for free. Aren’t they great? They either share for personal use or also for commercial use. For them it’s a way to help others out and to promote their work. For me, it’s like figuratively being in a bookstore and just take any book home I want. A kid in a candy store, is how I feel then. We are however talking about Photoshop and accessories. Let’s stick to it.

Free resources
After ‘some’ surfing, I name a few I either downloaded from or also saved in my favorites to get back to later. Deviantart is a great source for good-looking brushes. No surprise there, since this blog website is also about true crime, I especially liked the crime and forensic related brushes. They have for personal as well as for commercial use. It usually is mentioned on the same page and otherwise they refer to where you can find their copyright rules.
The best brush, at Fudgegraphics, in my opinion is his Hi-Res Clouds set 2.
However, WebDesigner Lab has so many great patterns and brushes I couldn’t stop downloading. I basically wanted them all. Equally greedy I felt when I found Brusheezy.
Tutorialking on the other hand has a couple of very useful tutorials. Handy, when you want to learn more about certain technics in Photoshop.
As a last for now, I’d like to mention atextures. A great quality source for backgrounds. Sure enough, you also could use the images to implant them in new images you create, which I plan to do. On a side note, the ones I encountered on that particular site were mostly all for personal use.

Many more great sources are out there. For now, the given links have to do. At some point, I might write a Photoshop-ping resources part two.

What do I use them for
My purpose with all those resources is to create images going along with the articles. On top of that, I work on a renewal of my front page. It’s high time. The images currently presented there aren’t good. They were made in haste, when I needed an English written blog website, to participate in a blog tour. Also, my knowledge improved since then and I certainly want to see that reflected.

image elements
Vector Arrow by Ihea
Mopboard pattern: the light grunge patterns 4 package by Webdesigner Lab
Shopping cart
Stonework floor by Obsidian Dawn
Brush from Clipart Panda
Brush with paint from pngimg

Complete image by Mirjam Penning


Author of (based on) True Crime and articles based on injustices.

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