True Crime is the conqueror

Inspired by WordPress’s Daily Prompt
The Stat Connection.
I wrote another Daily Prompt two years ago. It’s called ‘Staring in the Abyss‘.

The purpose of this Daily Prompt is to go to the Stats page of your blog. While there, check the three to five posts that attracted the most views. Then ask yourself why they’ve been successful. Find the connection and write about it. Let’s start.

Top posts
I chose three posts based on the results for this year.

  • The stoning of Soraya M
  • Meet Richard Paul White
  • Collateral Damage

What they have in common
All stories are based on true crime cases. A revelation? Half my blog site has that subject. Therefore, that was obviously expected. All three have ‘heavy duty’ subjects that caught media attention. At some point people stumble upon the story, like I had, and they google on it to find out more. Either because they know the people involved, saw the documentary about the case, got interested in the subject on itself or because they’re interested in serial killers. Then they find the article I wrote and stop by, which I surely appreciate. All posts in their own way were the best in something.

Why these articles
The best overall post is Collateral Damage. The article is based on an episode of Stalked: someone’s watching. Stalking isn’t rare. It happens a lot, in various ways and frequencies. People might relate to it, because they experienced it themselves, still are victims or know someone in that situation.
The best as a recent post is Meet Richard Paul White. The cause probably is due to having been recently presented in a documentary. The written article is based on that documentary, from the point of view of his sister.
The number one for 2016 so far is The stoning of Soraya M. The highest number of views might be because of the subject and the very graphic movie that goes along with it. Even when you’re ‘used to’ watching true crime documentaries with reenactments, this one undoubtedly will have a lasting effect on you. It had on me. That’s why I wrote a lengthy article about it.

As often
I offer more than is asked. That’s why I want to point out that I wrote about stats before in a blog called Stats Analysis. On top of that, I address what’s less popular on this blog.

Achieving and learning underrated
The other half of my blog is about learning new things and improving yourself in that way. Those posts haven’t done so well. The reason might be that I write it from my perspective too much. It’s after all my learning curve. Other people could become inspired and in the process learn something as well. That’s a plus. The downside might be them being on a different path than me. Then they just don’t find what they are looking for. As additional reason, perhaps because it’s presented in blogging style and far less as an article. In that case, it can be boring to follow other people’s progress. From a different angle, I haven’t promoted that part of my blog for at least over a year. I have done a bit more when it involved the true crime articles. Mentioning, I had a blogging stop for ‘months on end’ until december 2015.
As a last cause, it could be that having two different subjects on one blog site is a bit frowned upon in most people’s opinion. I understand the reasoning, but I don’t have any plans changing it.

Keeping in mind the blogging gap and the little effort I took to promote the articles, I certainly am not doing bad at all with getting views. The creation of web content is more important to me. It’s certainly nice to get views. I appreciate greatly when people return, but I have priorities that come higher in rank.

Sources picture
The elements of the image in the Polaroid on the left: Morguefile
The image in the Polaroid on the right is already credited properly in the article Photoshop-ping resources
The corner lightnings are credited on my copyright page
The Polaroid image I found on I Love Banner

Author of (based on) True Crime and articles based on injustices.

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