Live the dream job

An over a week late response to the Daily prompt of february 15: Money for nothing

Describe the ultimate job. Or, if you already achieved that, what’s it like to actually live the dream? For both counts: What’s to love about your personal dream job. What do you get out of it?

Why this Daily Prompt
It’s picky and choose for me with the daily prompts. Once in a blue moon I visit, to see what’s offered lately. Maybe I see a subject that inspires me. Then I get the feeling it makes me want to create a written piece, with associating image. If that feeling fails to show up, I pass. This subject I couldn’t pass. I had to write about what my dream job would be. It fits the achieving and learning part of this website. Besides, I already addressed something similar in this ‘area’ once.

Figure it out
Although I haven’t figured it out completely, I have a pretty good idea about what comes close. Newsflash! It’s what I actually already am doing on this blog website. Writing about true crime, involving injustices and unsolved cases on one hand. On the other, keeping track of my learning curve in particular and writing about improving skills and knowledge in general. I could do this as long as I’m awake. Then I drag myself away to go to sleep, only to continue where I left off the next day and repeat that behaviour into infinity.

More specific
What I am doing here and what I want, you call a web content manager officially. I’d like to call it a web content creator. I don’t just manage, I create as well.
I might be stating the obvious here, but it comes down to this:

  • Maintaining, improving and expanding this website
    By updating existing articles,
    Exchanging images for better ones by creating new ones,
    Keep working on getting a smoother directory of the website
  • Writing articles about true crime cases
    Research is part of the deal.
    I’m always working on getting more knowledge about true crime cases that fall into ‘my category’. That’s what highly interests me. When a specific case attracts my attention, I want to write about it.
    You can’t see it, that’s why I tell you. I have 26 drafts still lying around. I’ll work on those behind the scenes, until I’m ready to publish.
  • Feeling an urge to improve
    The already present skills and learning new ones I’m interested in.
    For example getting to know software I didn’t get around to yet.
    And share what I learned with others by writing about those subjects

What do I get out of it
For me that’s quite simple. I love to write. I love to create images and I can combine those two things in one place, all from my home. Also, I want to do my share in this world. Help where I can help. For example with the remember the unsolved page. Keeping unsolved cases in the public might help that people won’t forget about the victims. Preferably the ones that know something and haven’t talked so far. They need to speak up, because there’s never a valid reason to stay silent when it involves murder or missing people under suspicious circumstances.

Translate it to the job
By now I’m sure this is what I’m supposed to do. It took me a long time to figure out what to become ‘later when I was grown up’. When I had to know, I feel now I was too young for that and I had no clue. Probably, I wasn’t ready to prepare myself for adult life. Likely, my mindset was in other places. Another reason. What I am doing now, wasn’t available then. How can you become something if it doesn’t exist?

I started to create my personal education to get there eventually. How? By researching what they ask in job advertisements. What kind of skill set they’re looking for. If you can’t get an expensive education in a school or university setting, nobody is stopping you to get it otherwise.

I found this term on the internet: Project Based Learning. I borrowed it from selfmaderenegade. It suits and fits what I started. My current biggest project is improving the knowledge I have of Photoshop. Definitely, I covered the basics. Now on to become more than intermediate. One of my next projects I have in mind is how to create simple videos with still images.
One step at the time in getting all the needed skills. I’m not ready professionally, but I’ll get there. If I continue on this path, I will achieve it one day.

Of course, I made my description of the dream job very specific. If you want to be hired and get paid for it, you need to make it less specific. I would when pursuing. For this blog I didn’t have to.

Image resources
Canon Eos camera
Black world icon
Black back ground
Dream cloud
Green arrow
Feather pen
Play icon
For the life of me I can’t find anymore where I got the books from.
Complete image is a Mirjam Penning creation

Author of (based on) True Crime and articles based on injustices.

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