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I like to help women.
A lot of women ran into very unfairly treatment in this world, or far beyond. Women who had to put up with cruel and criminal behaviour. It keeps happening. Every x number of minutes an injustice is done to a woman. A grieving mother who’s refused justice for a murdered child. An abused woman left on her own accord, while her perp is never held accountable. A woman who lost her life due to the actions of a human predator. The list is frightfully miserably long. I couldn’t stay on the sideline. I didn’t want to be passive. I noticed time and again in what light a certain type of man views women. Unfortunately, in certain cases it’s also a certain type of woman.

A woman’s nemesis very well could be a member of her own species. That’s sad, because we already have to deal enough with certain men, who view women as possessions, pieces of trash. I’m on the side of unjustly treated women. Women, who besides being damaged in a certain way still try to make the best of being in this world, without harming others themselves. If they still are here to tell it, that is.
If you’re such a woman, I declare publicly, I’m on your side.

Selfish or selfless?
Is my wish to point it out, to help in a certain way just complete altruism? No.
When I offer a helping hand or a listening ear, I also help myself. At one point in my life, no one was really there for me when I needed it. I vowed then that if I would encounter a woman who could use some support, some help, to be heard, to get some recognition, I would be there.
I do, when and however I’m able. So, in a way I’m selfish.
I like to be a part of trying to get rid of a certain injustice. At least, to pay attention to it. To give a shout-out to the world about the wrong that’s existing. If possible, I’ll try to do a bit more.
As a counterpart, it’s also selfless. I don’t ask, want or expect anything in return.
I’m fully aware I can’t help everyone. I can do my bit and that’s it. But I’m definitely on your side.

Being on someone’s side is against another?
Yes and no. In general, it doesn’t mean being against men or a part of the female population. It doesn’t mean negativity.
It does mean viewing people, who think it’s okay to treat others like shit, at least with raised eyebrows.

Women need some extra help. Another person who joins in. What better person could do that than another woman, who understands what it’s like? Or men, who also realised a lot of women get a horrible treatment and take a stand. I joined in. I won’t leave you in the cold, if you would ask me for some help by sparing my time to you. I will try to do my best.

Look in the mirror, what do you see?
When a woman looks into her mirror, she could see and feel it.
The shed tears, the cuts and tears in her heart and the sad hollow glance.
The older they get, the more it’s edged on their faces. That’s not just genetic aging. It’s also the emotional pain they endured.
When you look, realise there are thousands, probably millions of women, dead or alive, who are there with you, looking in that same mirror. You can’t see them, but they’re there.

A woman can feel alone, but isn’t alone in her pain. She has sisters in sorrow. It could help to find the strength to face another day, to keep going and do your share to make it better for all women in the world. Separately, but together we already do a lot to help each other out. I joined for the continuance. You do too?

Image sources
The model
The burled wood pattern for the plinth
The top hair layer
The underneath two hair layers are a hair brush. You basically can’t see them, but they are there. Hair brushes II by Ivadesign
Wall pattern behind mirror
The right wall is also a pattern, but I’m not sure anymore which one.
Broken glass
Rainy glass
The complete image is a Mirjam Penning creation


Author of (based on) True Crime and articles based on injustices.

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One comment on “The on your side message
  1. Noreen Watts says:

    “When you look, realise there are thousands, probably millions of women, dead or alive, who are there with you, looking in that same mirror. You can’t see them, but they’re there.”

    I love this thought you wrote. It gives you the confidence to push on through your life because you know there have been others before you and presently others like you going through some of the same things. A very thought provoking article. I loved it.

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