Thrown away as refuse 2

 The murder of Monique Roossien, part 2

In case you missed part 1: Thrown away as refuse


The Murder of Monique Roossien

The picture of Monique Roossien: still from television program ‘Hart van Nederland’ (Free translation: Heart of the Netherlands)

Once, in a far past, a couple of blog websites ago, I already wrote a short piece about Monique, on a Dutch blog. Since then and now no decisive answer is available who beat her to death and left her like a piece of naked trash. The amount of violence used against her seemed ‘overkill’. She isn’t the first (street) prostitute who ended up murdered in the Netherlands and she certainly wasn’t the last. On the Dutch website ‘’ you’ll find a list of murdered prostitutes starting in the year 1992 and ending in 2005. 

In general, unsolved cases occur numerously. Leads can dry up quickly or little leads were present to begin with. My mantra is that no murder should stay unsolved. Obviously, I’m no part of a police force. Also, I’m not an investigative journalist. My contribution to unsolved cases is limited to writing blog articles. Often I think about these kind of cases, wherein no justice and no answers came. I also again thought about Monique and that’s why I decided to add her to my Remember the Unsolved page a while back. It’s also the reason I write about her again, this time in the English language.

Her family should get answers. The thought someone is out there who killed your ‘baby’ and your sister, but unknown and unpunished, must be unbearable. That’s injustice. That needs to be turned around to justice. The one responsible has to be dragged into court and hold accountable. That person needs to be taken off the streets.

The one who found Monique must have gotten a real scare. Maybe even the scare of his life. Finding a body isn’t your every day average experience. It wouldn’t surprise me if that person still could picture that image. And, a murdered person doesn’t look like a person who died in his sleep. Monique was unrecognizable, due to the hard blows against her head and possibly also because she was a drug addict. They usually don’t eat well and get skinny. Too skinny. They become a shell of what they once were.
The fact she was found in a foetal position could mean two things. She was left for dead and while dying curled up in the foetal position. Or the killer positioned her like that. It’s not known which of the two it is.

Left Upper picture female interviewer with former detective Jelle All pictures are still from television program

Top left photo: female interviewer with former detective Jelle
Two tiny photos: father and sister. All pictures are stills from television program ‘Recht in Noord- Holland’ (Translation: Justice in North Holland)

The arrived police officers immediately encountered a problem. The weather conditions were less than optimal. That’s nothing new to them. It’s often raining in the Netherlands, but it of course hindered the upcoming investigation. Traces of viable evidence had been washed away by then. That was convenient for the perpetrator, but it proved devastating for solving this case. Newscast program ‘Recht van Noord-Holland’ did an interview with former detective Jelle Atema. He was on this case in those days and he mentioned: ‘Her body was wet’. Since she was found naked, no clothing or other items, there was nothing to test in a forensic lab. The murderer likely got rid of her clothes and her stuff to hamper with her identification. He likely also hoped nobody would bother to search very hard for him. After all, she only was junkie whore, right. Who would care about those. I can tell this killer that people with a heart care. People for whom it does not matter that she was on drugs and a prostitute. She still deserves justice and her family too. She does matter and she deserves her case being solved.

According to Jelle, who at the time of the interview in that newscast program already wasn’t a detective anymore, the spot where they found Monique isn’t the crime scene. The murder happened somewhere else. I’m not sure where that exactly is based on, but they might very well be right that it only was the place to dump her.

Transportation options
The next question then is: How did she end up on that quay?
It certainly didn’t feel like a spot where people normally hang out that time of night. I assume it’s pitch black out there then or otherwise very little light. A creepy looking place you then rather would avoid. Unless you don’t want to be seen, because you’re up to no good. The police thinks the killer transported her there by car. It was possible to at least drive close to that spot. If she didn’t walk to there by herself, because she was dead by then, the killer had to carry her there. She weighed barely anything anymore, I read her weight was around 40 kilo. Wouldn’t be hard for a grown man to carry her for tens of meters.

Another form of transportation could’ve been a boat. She was found right beside ‘het IJmeer‘, a body of water. It’s possible. A car, however, seems more plausible, since Monique went with ‘Johns’ in their cars daily. Going by what is the most likely scenario, the car wins. Doesn’t mean we should disregard the boat option completely.

Twelve years after the fact, Monique’s sister and her father appeared on the television program RTVNH, to talk about what happened to Monique. In that footage, Monique’s father expresses his pain that his daughter was beaten to death. Accordingly then thrown away like a bag of garbage. Her sister feels that if you are that tough to kill someone, you also should dare to tell. For those two people alone already, who logically feel emotional pain, obviously viewable in the footage, this case need a break-through. A suspect with a face, instead of the fantom he now is.

The possible perp
Let’s look at what type of person could be behind this. Possible suspects were an ex-boyfriend and a pimp. Since the case isn’t solved, they either had not enough evidence to charge either of those or they simply were not involved. Maybe it even was one person, who was as well a boyfriend as her pimp. In the news articles it sounded like it was two people, though. The information on both suspects is very meagre and vague. Unless they both had alibis, it still could be one of them. But let’s assume, for now, they are innocent of this crime.

Then who would qualify. The before named ‘Johns’? What kind of ‘John’ would we be dealing with? A tourist?
Would a tourist have a car? He might have rented one if he was European. I think someone then, by showing a driver’s license and/or a passport, could get his hands on a rental. Is it however likely. What if he killed her in that vehicle? How does he get rid of the blood, thoroughly enough that no one noticed? As a tourist, he naturally then doesn’t have a house here where he sneakily could clean everything. Unless he stayed with someone here who does have a house. If that person wasn’t home, then he or she likely never knew anything was amiss.
If he didn’t have that option, did he go to a car wash, with likely significant blood stains? Could be. In the Netherlands, you mostly have a ‘do it yourself’ car wash. If he then was bold enough and lucky that no other customer at the gas station paid any attention to him, he could’ve pulled it off. Employees are mostly inside the accompanying store. The chance they would see something is small.

Then about the place where she’s found. Would a tourist know about it? If you would be in the Netherlands for a longer period than the usual holiday, one to three weeks, why not. If you then suddenly need a place to dump an inconvenient body, and you remember that one spot you visited, who knows.

What if the perp’s someone residing in the Netherlands. Possibly even someone living in Amsterdam. A man who prefers to pick up a working woman in a car, even if it would mean she’s a junkie. In that scenario he avoids going to a sex club and easily stays anonymous. It’s cheaper also. Since the prostitute doesn’t have the cost for the usage of a room, she can ask a lower price on the streets. It might mean ‘the John’ doesn’t have that much free spending-money to afford a prostitute. Either because he hasn’t such a well-paying job and or he lives together with a woman who would notice ‘spending habits’ he can’t be honest about.

What if it wasn’t ‘a john’. Her father Klaas mentioned Monique wanted to return to Groningen. The reason might be that she felt safer if she was away from Amsterdam. Did she know something about someone? There was mention Monique made an appointment with the police. Had she wanted to report someone? If the key is here, that person or people around that person got a hold of her. Another tidbit that supports this theory was a note that Monique gave to a female friend some time before her murder. She didn’t want to be forgotten by that friend, if something happened.


Somebody needs to speak up
To use the words of a public Dutch figure, Peter R. de Vries.* A phrase he often used when he still had his program on television. Freely translated:”There’s no valid reason to stay silent if you know something about a murder”. So. If you are that somebody and you, by chance, read this, share your information with the police. It’s never too late to come forward. You’re doing no one a favor by keeping it to yourself. A killer could still be out there and he might do it again. Do you really want to have that on your conscience as well? If you’re scared that something might happen to you if you tell, pass your information anonymously. At least in that way you provide the police with new leads to work with.

Most important of all. Let’s not forget about Monique, who died a horrible death.


NOTE: Due to the length of the article, I was ‘forced’ to leave out certain details. Those feasibly haven’t any relation to her murder anyway. Later on, I might decide to attach a post with that additional info. Besides the adding of my thoughts and opinion, there actually was not much information available around the how and why of Monique’s death. The whole case and the circumstances seem to be wrapped in fog. No wonder, despite media attention and even an animation video what probably happened, it isn’t solved. It’s all guesswork without any leads. Usually, the police keeps one detail out of the media, in case a ‘person of interest’ pops up. If he mentions that detail, it gives more credit to ‘we got the right guy’. What or if the police held back, is naturally unknown to us.

Sources and disclaimer
The information I used to write this article comes from various sources named here.
– Hart van Nederland (Dutch newscast program) – free translation: Heart of the Netherlands.
– RTVNH (Het recht uit Noord-Holland, a Dutch newscast program) – free translation: The justice of North-Holland.
Noord-Holland is a district in the Netherlands
–> Link to their footage
(Interviewer/host: Roos Elkerbout. Camera: Rob de Bruijn. Film editing: Paulus Lodiers.)

The language is Dutch, but it might still be worth to watch. You’ll see Monique’s father and her sister. You’ll see moving images of the area Monique was found.

Other material used like the Polaroid and the crack in between will be credited as soon as possible.

*  The Peter R. de Vries Wikipedia page has no English version available. If you’re curious about the man who ‘hunted down’ Joran van der Sloot, who was connected to the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, right-click when on the page behind the link and choose ‘translate to English’. At least you’ll have an inkling of what’s mentioned about him and his former long-running television program. 

The pictures and material I used to create the images, to go with the article, are nót mine.
They respectfully belong to their rightful ‘owners’. I created my images with stills of television programs. Other material’s provided by great people, who like to share their sources for others like me, to use either personally or commercially, to create something new. Their only reasonable condition is that they are credited for their work. Therefore, if someone would use the images I created somewhere, keep in mind there’s copyright on them. You can only use these images for personal use. You need to credit with a link to this page. If you’re not willing to do that, you can’t use the images I created. 


Author of (based on) True Crime and articles based on injustices.

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