Terry Brooks Rewis

(Basic summary, will expand over time)
Between Midville and Swainsboro, Georgia, America
April 21, 2002

It was the early morning of Sunday
Terry Brooks Rewis, nicknamed ‘Bubba’, was found dead on highway 56.
He was left dead in the middle of the road.
His death certificate states he died of blunt force trauma, found all over his body, externally and internally. He had a broken neck. His abdomen was almost gutted and his scalp was torn from his skull. His leg was almost completely ripped off. Someone must have hit him with a car, but is that how it started or how it ended?

A woman came forward later. She stated she thought she had hit a deer, dragged it along until it got loose from under her car. She didn’t stop. Terry’s family was led to believe she had ran over Terry, instead of a deer, and dragged him along instead. The woman adamantly denies coming within the proximity of Terry’s body. She might as well be right about that. It could’ve been somebody else. There’s no proof she hit Terry. On the other hand, it’s possible it was her. We just don’t know. If it was somebody else, that person didn’t bother to come forward. At least this woman came forward.

What isn’t known
Was he was hit while trying to cross the road or did he already ly there unconscious in a severe injured state?  And if so, how did that happen?

A possible theory
He was in a fight in the back of a driving truck and either got pushed and fell out or fell out in the heat of the fight by losing balance.

Loving sister
Obviously, Terry’s sister Willene loves her brother. She wants justice for him and tries to get to the bottom of what happened. She doesn’t believe it was just accidental and nobody bears any responsibility. She feels somebody is responsible and that person should be held accountable. She contacted media and some of them did cover the story. The police simply deemed it a hit-and-run and basically left it at that. Although Willene was promised ‘the little people’ wouldn’t be forgotten and the police reopened ‘the case’ approximately a year ago, nothing’s happening. Documents are missing or thrown out, people who know something only come forward now to express hostility towards Willene. While in the very beginning, a few came forward with information. They might have regretted it later on for their own reasons. Maybe because it was pure gossip without any merit or to protect somebody. Wether their information holds the truth or not, they now resort to hostility.

Willene has a Facebook group where she tries to keep her brother’s name and what happened to him in the public eye: Is there no justice for Terry Brooks “Bubba” Rewis.She fights for him. In an effort to get answers. Her message is clear. She won’t give up, no matter what people say to her negatively.


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