Audit your brand


Today is day two in the course. It’s about making an effort to think about what kind of brand you want, if it relates to the content, in what way and more. Here under I go more in-depth into the addressed subjects

Match between theme and content
Color choices
My colors could be considered a mismatch by visiting people, for a part of the content I deliver. The subjects I write about can be pretty dark, considering it’s about true crime, injustices and related true stories. The colors are in fact the opposite, although black and white aren’t colors technically. I also use lime green and some brown as a detail.

You have to consider what your reader would like as a color. There are studies about that and each color has a general meaning, I’m aware of. Still, I have to like the look of the blog as well. After all, I will be spending a lot of time there delivering good content and I have to establish a brand.

The colors aren’t just randomly picked. I did think about the relation between the two and my (future) audience. I do however want to bring some balance in. Some light versus the dark.

As a reason on the side for this color pallet, tints of green and brown are part of nature. They are the colors of the earth world-wide and I don’t just focus on the country where I live but cover other countries in the world as well.

I mainly use a font that every computer standardly can display: Arial.

HTML and I do not always agree. Sometimes I make small mistakes. Then ‘my’ font gets replaced by the template’s font. I implement the Arial font in the html form of the text myself. When you work a considerable amount of time on an article, the small issue about the font on top can make you decide to give the template font its way and change it later on. For example, when you get around to it again or after a good night sleep.

Title and tagline
My title says ‘Mirjam Penning’. The tagline says ‘Writer of True Crime and designer&manager of Web content’

Post titles
Mine is merely a short summary of the article’s subject. I try to keep it as short as possible, between 3 to 5 words. That mostly works best.

About me
One of the first things I changed, when I started my blog on March 28 of this year, was the about button in the menu. Biography sounded better to me. I do plan to expand that part in the menu. Divide it into more pages with shorter summaries about skills and experience.

Titles of widgets and calls to action
Factly, I use three widgets, on purpose. And even the small amount of three, I’ll blend into one as soon as I get around to it. I don’t want a crowded site with all kind of widgets, whistles and bells. I like oversight and easier on the eyes. I use a text widget, where I implemented a few images and links. I need some knowledge of HTML to do that, but I’ll manage.

The links are related to the subjects I write about and I display three categories in that way.
I use some calls to action, but of course it needs to get expanded and improved over time.

Consistent visual identity
I use the same image frame, which I created from several different stock photos, above each of my articles. For every article I create a new image, related to that specific article, placed into that frame. I do not have images for all of my static pages yet. That’s in progress.
I have a Dutch and an English blog and they are both build up in the same style and colors.
The picture posted along with your comment on someone’s blog I also use on other places online. I mostly operate on WordPress, Linked In, Google Plus and GoodReads.

Today’s assignment
Most of the mentioned things I already have worked on before, in some shape or form, and I’m content with those. The one thing I didn’t change is the comment prompt.
Therefore, to meet the requirements of day two’s assignment, I made a change there.
The comment prompt now is express your opinion

Instead of a self-created picture accompanied by the article as I usually do, I just add a title for now. I’m in a different time frame then the people running the course and I just want to add my assignment and take a good night sleep.


Express your opinion

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