Visual changes

Today’s purpose for the course is to experiment with visual changes and see whether you can refine your brand further and add more dimension to your posts. I go in-depth to the parts I covered today and earlier

Test blog
Although it’s good advice to test changes you make on a non-visitor blog, before you make some change or look visible on your original blog.
If I had been willing to start a test blog, I would’ve gotten bonus points for today’s assignment, but I have to friendly decline this bonus and say no to the executing.

I already have two ongoing blogs. I don’t want to create a third just for the sake of testing changes. My time’s limited and I try to be more efficient in relation to time management.

Testing in general
Since the birth of my blog, on March 28 of this year, I surely have tested things, made changes, tweaked. The header I now use is actually the second I created and still I’m not satisfied. I want to make more out of my header and it has to be longer in size, but not in height. That makes creating an appealing one a bit tricky. I’m waiting for a great idea and then I set out to execute.

Background choice
The current background is my second. Before I had a light wood texture background. This week I did test other options, but nothing topped that one. Then I decided to create a background myself which I’m currently happy with.

Testing template themes
The tip to just see what your site looks like in a preview of another theme is one I followed up on today. I tried several.

Hemingway rewritten. In the preview, all my links came on top of the homepage image I use.
Quadra ~ responsive site, but not one I would pick to use.
Circa and Hexa are so similar to Quadra that I skipped the preview attempt.
Tonal ~ a template I could’ve used, but as with so many others, the header part is rather big.

That can cause longer loading times for the page. Plus, I like you can view what’s on the front page in one go. With such a big header, you have less room for text. Then people have to scroll to see all or you barely can use text. That’s a negative for me.

The Web design course I took once recommended pages with little to no scrolling. Especially the static page or homepage should be viewable in its totality.

Responsive discovery
My template is responsive, to make sure the site is also viewable on mobile phones. A lot of internet users pick their mobile phones to surf around the internet and you have to go along with the newer trends.
It causes less choice in the WordPress free templates pool and I liked the template Responsive I use the best of those responsive freebies.

Yesterday, I tested the look of the website on a mobile phone. I saw that my website has a two widgets display of the same widget on the homepage. On a desktop device there’s just one. Probably because I use a full width page for the start page and the default template for all the other pages. Definitely, I need to look into this to come up with a solution.


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