Connect to spread the word

Another day, another assignment
Today, the purpose is to publicize more around the internet and how to do that.


Up until now, I tried to spread the word manually.
You can’t be all over the social place and I chose Linked In and Google Plus to get attention. I already had accounts there. Every time when I had posted something on my website blog, I moved on to Linked In and Google Plus to mention the existence.

New Facebook page
For this assignment, I made a special page on Facebook. I’m not that familiar with Facebook yet. I do have an account, but to be honest, I didn’t really use it. I managed to make a start with the new page by adding a sticky post, my latest article Justice waited thirteen years and my Cold Case Library page.

Publicize feature
Then it was time to connect to my new Facebook page.

I had noticed the publicize area in the dashboard of WordPress, but I didn’t feel comfortable using one of the connect-options. Then ‘things’ get send and maybe I couldn’t agree with how that looked like. No, better hands off and do it manually.

Now I read I can edit the post, before it will arrive on the social areas I choose. That will give me more control and that feels a lot better.
To start with this feature, I connected to Facebook successfully. I haven’t connected to Google or Linked In yet. 

Sharing buttons
I discovered those rather quick and I use a few to display on my website. I could use more or even all of them, but I prefer to only have the buttons of sites I actually use. And I want a short queue of buttons.

We’re a week in with this blog course. What has changed on my site concerning the structure?

Let’s make a ‘on the top of my head’ list:

  • Concluded that I am very content with my current theme ‘Responsive’
  • Discovered how to remove responding forms from certain pages
    I removed them all page by page by un-ticking some boxes under the text area.
  • Improved the home page image
    I made more clear what to do on my site and where to find it
  • Discovered how I could have access to tags
    I created pages, while I should have created posts. From now on I will use posts when I want to tag.
  • Created a picture for my ‘best of’ page
    I called it the Cold Case Library, created a related image and made it clickable on the homepage

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