Today is D-Day. My blog post for the blog tour. If you don’t know what it implies, you can read the blog tour concept. In this post, you’ll read about the writer that named me as one of her three writers and my answers to the four questions that belong with the tour. I tell you my experience and name the writer I found to join. Let’s start.

Amy Morse
She’s the one that named me as one of her three writers.
Her latest operation as she calls it: 365 Actions to become a successful author
She’s also working on Salomon’s Secret. Bits and pieces about this book you can find on her blog.
The title of her début novel is The Bronze Box and you can buy a kindle edition copy on Amazon.
Thanks to her, I hurried in getting my blog website on-line sooner than I planned beforehand.
Yes, that’s a good thing.
Therefore, be so kind to read more about and from her on Idea-ism. If she can motivate me to work a bit faster, then she could also mean something to you in some way, shape or form.

The four questions
What am I working on?
It’s one big project, divided into smaller ones, I took on.
The greater picture is changing from one career into another. One that suits me as finally found well-fitting and favorable gloves.
Job hopping, or even career hopping, is almost becoming common. Nothing strange to see here.
More specifically: I present myself as an author as well as a Web Content Manager or similar field.
Has one a connection to the other? Well, yes.
How? Both involve text and writing techniques. The writing world is a big one and its tentacles reach far, in all kind of directions.
A lot of the writing happens digitally, since we’ve got the computer with beautiful Internet. It opened more doors for people, who otherwise never would had a voice. Quite a group that definitely has something to offer and I take my share as well.

Writing a book uses different techniques as writing for the web. However, the principles stay the same. It’s all about entertaining people, reeling them into a world you are in. I followed two courses for both, to get me started. Besides that, I followed a course with subject web design to cover the basics. The rest is experience and investing time to learn more.

The smaller picture is my first e-book with title Cross-Country Killer. I have three more ideas for e-books, but first things first. Finish the first draft on April 15, completing its rough cover and expanding this website.
More on my current projects.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
It mostly is either non fiction in true crime or it is (thriller) fiction.
Writers in this genre seem to still call it true crime even if they have changed names, filled in gaps, partly made up dialog because they were not there when that dialog took place. I found that it sometimes irritates people.
For example Ann Rule. My first true crime writer I truly enjoyed books from. I found out more recently she has come under scrutiny several times with several people. They didn’t agree with her, and the agency she’s connected to, calling some of her books true crime.
‘She even hasn’t consulted or interviewed me.’ Who knows, it might be true.
‘She made everything up with her own imagination.’
‘She only relies on court documents and police records.’ Might be true as well. That could be her way of working. However, documents aren’t infallible.

My idea: if you change names, details, have to fill in gaps and are relying on witnesses, you’re not sure if something is 100% the truth. Then, you can’t really say its 100% true crime. Therefore, I call my writings ‘based on true crime’.
Is it better defined fiction then? Certainly not.
I intend to stay as close to the truth as possible. I don’t make up characters in this genre. I don’t come up with the story myself, it already exists. But I can’t avoid filling in blank spots. If there is contradiction on the same event, date or detail, I have to decide what source is the most reliable or what has more logical truth.
Sometimes, it’s a fine line.
Therefore, I follow more the genre ‘based on a true story’, as the movies we had on television in the ’90s.
They don’t claim it’s 100% the truth. Sometimes they are way off with the true story and sometimes they are very close. I try to do the latter.

Why do I write what I do?
It all started in the 90’s. I was in my late teen, early twenties when I got to know the program Unsolved Mysteries. The tune, the voice of the now late Robert Stack, the stories of missing people and found dead people got to me. Then there were the movies based on true stories. They hit me the most when it involved injustices and crimes. At the end of the 90’s era, I got my first computer and went on-line.

A whole new world opened for me. Since then, I have dived into all kind of information about true crime. Articles, websites, documentaries, the whole nine yards. In 2006, I started my blog with posts about true crime cases and the real story behind a based on a true story movie.

I feel that these are the subjects I want to write about, because:
a. Writing is creating, something that comes natural to me. Something that belongs to my personality
b. I like to research the stories I stumble upon
c. Such a story gets to me that I feel the need to add my two pennies and give it a place in the digital world called Internet

I abandoned my Dutch Blogspot blog, but my there published articles are in the process of getting translated from Dutch to English for you to ‘enjoy’ them as well. The latest is ‘The stoning of Soraya M‘. I also am working on my new Dutch WordPress blog.

How does my writing process work?
All over the place, to tell you the truth. After all, that’s what my writing is best defined as: bringing the truth or get as close to it as I can.
Why I don’t really have a strict system to work on one thing at the time? The simple answer, I like variety and I want to document every thought or idea I get as quickly as possible to work on later.
I build an archive I call my concept area. It’s filled with documents and media files waiting for me, when I’m ready to start with a new article. I just can take my pick.
Never do I leave the house without my writer’s kit. I wouldn’t want to miss out on a thought or an idea I get underway.
I’m still learning writing techniques, marketing, time management and others. You name it and I am working on it. Along the way I implement what I learned, to get a system that works for me the most productive.

My blog tour experience
At first, my thoughts were that it would be doable to find three other writers. I was mistaken. Although I tried several media channels, I got barely any response. It made me wonder. Was it me being not known yet? Had people not seen the invite? Or did they think it wasn’t worth looking into?

I even had one less good experience. I had posted the invite into a group with the same interest as I have. Every member posts promotion links about their work. Because I do write about the same subject, I thought I might as well try the same and find other writers in the same genre. That didn’t work out so well. The moderator of the group considered it spam and claimed my website had nothing to do with true crime. Wow, I didn’t see that coming.

Admitted, my website has not progressed that far, but mind you, it has a lot to do with true crime. Besides, it’s based on true stories and I work on an e-book based on a true crime. It would’ve been nice if I had gotten that recognition. But we’re moving on.

I now present the one writer to you that was so nice to join. Thank you, Alan.

Alan W Place
Alan is from Yorkshire, England, but lives in the Bristol area since 1963.
An author with a heart for animals in need.
He won an award with the book ‘Chronicles of Mark Johnson’. He would be happy to provide you a copy. Don’t hesitate to ask. A follow-up is “The Descent of Mark Johnson”. He hopes to repeat his award with his latest novella e-book ‘A Sailor’s Love’.
A lot of his work involves ghost stories. Besides that, he also writes for the children’s charity books with a group called “The Peacock Writers.” A quote from him, in his short bio there: ‘I class myself as a writer as my work covers all genres from fantasy to westerns, although my main works are adult in nature.”
Alan is on multiple places on the net.
For example, he’s named on DreamworldsPub and there’s Al’s place.
The blog link he gave me to use in his bio is to find here: Al’s domain
Don’t be just a lurker, let him know you came by!
He appreciates you leaving a message and he will blog his blog tour post on the 14th of April.

4 comments on “
  1. ccarpinello says:

    Have you tried Orangeberry Tours? They are inexpensive. I just do childrens/MG/YA on my blog. Best of luck!

  2. Mirjam Penning says:

    Hi CCarpinello, thanks for your comment and for the tip! I definitely will look into it.

  3. Amy Morse says:

    Thanks for the shout. Great post and thanks for sharing. Good luck with your projects

  4. You’re welcome and I thank you as well for yours. Best of luck with your book Salomon’s Secret!

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