A true story about Libba Phillips. A search for a missing sister and what it leads to, made into a Lifetime movie


Jennifer Morrison portrays Ashley. AJ Cook plays the role of Libba.

Ashley is a female with bipolar disorder and a drug problem.
One day she disappears.
Nobody seems to care, except her sister Libba and her parents. The police refuses to formulate a missing persons report. Ashley is an adult and a drug addict. She likely doesn’t even want to be found. Otherwise, she has the right to go missing.
Thanks to the missing flyer, Libba receives a call from Ashley one day. She’s eight months pregnant. Can Libba please come get her? Of course she’s coming to the rescue. She doesn’t blame her sister for anything, but she does struggle with her emotions. All that time she’s lived not knowing if Ashley was still alive or not. The search took its toll. It brought Libba to places she had never wanted to show up. As that one day in the morgue when she had to come identify a body. She does share that with her sister when they meet.

Ashley is home again and she gives birth to a son. She doesn’t stay around. One day she’s gone again, leaving her child behind. The end of the movie mentions her whereabouts are unknown at that time.

The real Libba Phillips
She didn’t stop at the search. She founded ‘Outpost for Hope’. It’s a website for the missing, missing. That’s how she calls it. Because it concerns missing people who aren’t registered as such in the system.

Through a petition, she hopes to find out how big the number of the unregistered actually really is. She thinks it’s more than the official registered ones.

Libba doesn’t set out to look for missing people herself. She offers guidelines, with practical information, how to deal with such a situation. She assists indirectly on the side-lines. That way she helps other people, in their so often lonely search for their vanished loved ones.

Libba’s story ~ Outpost for Hope website – post from the owner
Bringing her sister home ~ Written by Eileen Finan)
Link to part 1 of the movie on youtube
Photo ~ a still of the movie, rights reserved to the respectable owners


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