Copyright Terms

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Contact me to ask information about what’s not mentioned

I’ve written all the blog articles on this website. I research the subjects and spend time to come up with an interesting and readworthy article in my own words. I don’t copy other people’s articles and I don’t want the same for mine. My articles are not for grab.
Do you want to copy an article to your site? Contact me.
Don’t copy them in advance until I responded to your mail. No reaction is no permission.
Mostly, you will receive a response within three (work) days.
After written permission, you can copy the article with acknowledgement to your blog or website. I even welcome that.

Images accompanied with articles and blogs
The used items in my images are free for personal use. They come from all over the internet. For example, digital scrapbook elements. Or this png image site. And a website with PSD images. Because I can’t track back the source of all those items anymore, I have to warn you to only use those for personal usage. Some of the items in my images, I created myself from scratch. The images I upload are mostly in png format. However, once you upload them as png’s, a white background automatically will be added. That of course only counts for the ones I uploaded with a transparent background as a layer. It doesn’t make it easier for you to reuse the once I created, which are very specific anyway. It would be easier to just use the links I give on this page to find the items you want to reuse. Do you decide to use an image I created anyway, I give permission to use the images for personal use.

Don’t forget to credit the people for their work, if you use materials from the lists I provided!

Brushes for Photoshop
Since I discovered brushes, I have implemented a bunch of them in Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud. The software I use, to create a new image from elements other people created. The ones I use, could be either for personal usage or also for commercial use. If you’re interested in using one or more I used, check the lists underneath where to find them. Brushes are great for artwork or creating your own images for your blog or website:

Personal Use

Personal and Commercial Use

Patterns for Photoshop
For Commercial Use

Updated: Thursday, February 11, 2016