Day 8 of the blog course is about creating a social network plan. Before you can come up with a plan, you have to think about where you want to go and what tools you’re going to use. In this post I talk about the tools I use, what I did so far with them, one of my goals and the need for a plan.


Definitely I need some work doing here, I can’t just finish in this blog post.
I can tell what I have done so far, but that’s merely standing in the door opening, met a few people, did short chats, left some things of me behind and that was it.
There isn’t really a plan yet. Not in this department, and that plan just can’t be thought out in today’s assignment. I need longer to achieve that.

What have I been doing so far?
It started out with creating an account on Linked In and filling my profile.
It’s in the advanced stage and still needs work.
I collected a few contacts. I don’t add people left and right. Sometimes I get an invite and I reject it for various reasons. For example, we never exchanged a word anywhere, so why would I suddenly want to add you. I don’t have a policy for adding people, but having previous contact or having something in common work related is something I want.
Then I joined a few LinkedIn groups and started to engage there. That’s how I got my contacts.

Today I opened my own group, True Crime Writers and Enthousiasts* because I still missed something on that platform and I couldn’t find it in an existing group. I tried that, but after five days my introduction still hadn’t been posted in that group and nothing was happening in that group either. It wasn’t working for me and I left.

By creating my own group on LinkedIn there was a possibility to connect to Twitter. Okay, then I create an account there as well. I still have to figure out how Twitter works to make good use of it.

This platform I joined several months ago, because I love reading books and I have read a lot of those in my life. It was a tip I read somewhere. It’s nice to have a spot where you can create your digital book-case. I gathered a few contacts there and joined a group.

This one I avoided at all costs in the past. I didn’t think this one was suitable for me. Recently, I changed my mind and registered an account. That one I connected to my blog in the publicize area for the day 7 assignment, after I created a special page.

Google Plus
Because I already had a Gmail account, this one came along automatically. I might as well use it then and I started to post short summaries with links to articles on my blog. I only have gathered one contact there so far. That person came from my account on YouTube.

I’m a big fan of True Crime documentaries and movies based on true stories. Less time for that these days, but when I can I visit Crime Inc and pick a documentary to watch. If it’s on YouTube I sometimes comment on the documentary I have watched. Sometimes you meet a nice person, sometimes you meet people who get personal with you, just because you differ in opinion.
My strategy is to stay above that, don’t stoop to the same level and stop responding when necessary.

Don’t stop at connecting

I agree with this one wholeheartedly. I noticed before that a lot of people just promote and then leave. I guess, waiting somewhere else for people to follow what they left. The thing is, if you never see what others leave behind or comment on what they are busy with, then I guess you won’t get very far eventually. When you start, like me, then it’s hard to create a network. Most people already had one and just could tap in what already was there.

I basically had to start from scratch. One of my goals is learning how to network. For a long time, I was living at the side lines of life.
I had my reasons.
But, if I want to achieve parts of my plan, I will have to connect with others, create a group of people with similar interests and sharing those. I tried five months ago by putting an ad on a Dutch website for all kind of products and services, including contacts. Requesting for people who also like to write and want to learn more about digital design. That didn’t work out. The two contacts I gathered stopped mailing at some point. That’s how it goes in life. People come and go. It did demotivate me somewhat, because it has happened so often before. You put time and energy into a person and then you don’t hear a word anymore, from one day to the next.

It didn’t stop me. One of my mottos is to never give up on something that’s important to me, or a way to get where I want to be. Therefore, I also had entered the social network places. I had to avoid those in the past, but sometimes it’s worth taking some risk in exposing yourself in a calculated manner. Certainly if it can help you getting what you want eventually.

So, here I am, on the start point of claiming my on-line spot in Internet land and trying to make a mark for myself. Looking for other people with the same interests as me and sharing them, learning from each other, motivate. But the course is right. I do need a plan.

How do I normally plan?
I already wrote a general article about how to improve in achieving. In there I also pointed out you need a plan and how to create one. That will be my starting point for this particular subject as well. Luckily, I already had started a marketing plan document that did involve this subject. I just need to expand.

And I know it will take time. These things can’t be rushed and I don’t expect that to happen.
It takes time to come up with a plan you adjust along the way, and it takes time to pick the fruits of that labour. 

* Note
I realise the letter o doesn’t belong in the word enthusiasts. Unfortunately, the group with that name is already set up. Tough luck.

10 comments on “Create
  1. Amy Juicebox says:

    good stuff!

  2. Hi Amy, thank you very much for stopping by, reading this post and leaving a comment.
    Unfortunately you seem to have deleted your site. Too bad!

  3. Hi Mirjam,

    This is great stuff. I followed amy’s advice last week on engaging. I am still behind my plan. But I have started engaging a lot. I am fairly new on twitter and I am now familiar with retweets and favourited. As Michelle said its also good to appreciated some body’s work. I found a fitness enthusiast on twitter and have started engaging with her. Also on facebook I make sure I put something new every day and try to engage. on google + I am reaching to various circles and friends. I post and also share there.

    Now I have started to engage a lot here as well. Atleast one day a week I spend time on reader commenting, liking and reach follow some pages that interest me. It still needs a lot of work. But 5 hours a day I am giving all of this time. I know I need to do more. Working my way up.

    Anyways great to check out your work and your plan, this shows how committed you are


  4. Sherri says:

    Great plan Mirjam and yes, not all of it works out. I battled with getting involved with all this social media at first, being quite a private person believe it or not!!!

    I’ve started my Facebook Page recently (I have a small personal one too) and Google Plus (which I forget to use and only have one or two contacts I think, so really need to get going better with that) and LinkedIn, don’t do Twitter (yet) or Goodreads (yet) and then of course my blog. I’ve been blogging since Jan 2013 and it was very slow at first. After about 8 months it really began to take off, not quite sure why. It does take a lot of work. I’m not sure that those who don’t write understand just how much time it takes to keep everything going behind the scenes!

    Still, you are a hard worker I can tell and I just know that everything you are doing will pay off in big ways. You have a great attitude and I wish you all the very best.

    • Hey Sherri – you’re starting to look familiar! I’m still trying to figure out Google Plus myself, if you can give me directions I’d be happy to follow you and invite you into my circles, too. (Am I even using the correct terms here??)

      • Sherri says:

        Hi Shel! Long time no see…haha! We keep bumping into each other don’t we! Great to see you again!
        I’ll go into my Google Plus account later on and take a look, it’s been ages so I need to familiarize myself with how it all works. It would be great to be in one of your circles, thanks so much – yes, think that’s the right term! – and need to look for Mirjam too. Let’s see what we come up with, hopefully ‘see’ you later on… 🙂

  5. Noreen Watts says:

    Great ideas Mirjam. I too struggled with “getting out there”. I have always been very private. It has opened me up to people I would not have met, which is always a good thing.

  6. Hi ladies, it feels good to get comments on this. Thank you all!

    Eat all fresh, like you I’m still behind on things. I have so much ideas and plans, but it has to get more in shape for oversight. And I definitely will work on that. Well, you already pointed out you can relate, so you know how it is. 🙂
    How did you learn to Twitter so fast? My first two tweets looked weird, because I tried to add links and that didn’t look like I had planned.
    You sound like you’re already very much engaging. Good for you!
    And I really liked to hear the recognition of my commitment.

    Sherri, you definitely are right. This takes a lot of work. Unless you do it yourself, people might not see how much work bloggers put into this. I’ve blogged since 2006 on other platforms. That experience I could take with me to WordPress. I only need(ed) to learn their ropes. 😉
    Thank you for your compliments. You made my day with those, but I already wrote on your blog you’re very good in giving people a good feeling about themselves. That is a valuable skill to me!

    Noreen, thanks for sharing with me. It’s nice to know someone can relate.

    I will stop by soon at all three of you. One of my goals in the first assignment was to visit at least 20 blogs in the next two months and leave at least one comment. I’m almost half way. 😉

  7. I can relate to what you are talking about. Like Sherry, I started my main blog January 2013. I avoided social media like a plague right up until then. As a Family Law attorney, I had a VERY negative view of Facebook – it’s the first site we checked when our clients were in a custody battle. As I started writing more, it was clear that if I wasn’t on social media my writing would not be read. I read five books on blogging and social media for writers. I got on Facebook December 2012 (which has been very positive – it’s all about how you use it), started my first blog in January 2013, started using Linkedin for more than my attorney stuff, got on Pinterest (THAT was easy), and Google Plus (I still have no idea what I’m doing on that site or how to expand there). A couple of months ago I started a second blog with my best friend that doesn’t use my name called Fat-Bottom-Fifties Get Fierce at That’s been fun, but I don’t have a plan to grow it yet because, since it’s somewhat anonymous, I don’t have as many outlets to put it out there.

    It IS a lot of work, yet it’s enjoyable work. I’d be happy to follow you on Google Plus if you can tell me how! I would love to grow my circle there.

    • Yeah, another person in the same boat. 🙂

      It’s never a good idea to fight battles on social media. It only might be fun for spectators. I can imagine your first objection against Facebook.

      I agree with you, it’s a big pool with a lot of fish. If you want to get noticed, you’ll have to come out of hiding and let shine some light on yourself. Trying to be the best you.
      My blogging experience goes back longer, (a bit before 2006) but I couldn’t continue those blogs for several reasons. Those were also more personal and I wanted to be more professional. That’s when I switched to WordPress, to make a clean fresh start.

      Same as you, I haven’t fully explored what Google Plus can do for me, but I found you there and added you as an aquaintance. I hope that helps for you finding me there.
      Still looking for Sherri. 😉
      I think I can be found there easily. I use the same avatar as here and under the same name.

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