Cross-Country Killer

A non-fiction crime story about a serial and spree killer, who operated mostly in the first half of 1984.
He went on a cross-country American road tour, abducting women along the way.
Before he left everything behind, he already was a person of interest with one family, and their private investigator, in the disappearance of two women. He wasn’t yet on the police’s radar with these cases.
That was all about to change, when he decided to cross state lines. Then the FBI got involved.
In the following weeks they try to catch him, but he’s one step ahead of them all the time. On a friday the showdown, which left a lot of families with more grief and unanswered questions.

The book will be self published and only appear in e-book format.
The first draft is as good as ready.
Number of pages will be between around 300.
Not sure yet when I start with fase two:
– Rewriting parts
– Researching more
– Adding more info

My native isn’t English and I write a book in English for the first time.
Therefore I invite people to contact me if they want to proofread a chapter, for when I finished fase two.

There is no budget to pay you, but you’ll receive a free copy of the book. This could be a good opportunity for people, who can use the experience to add to their résumé or portfolio and/or want a free based on true crime book
I have three requirements.
1. You at least are native English with a college degree
2. You have more than a basic knowledge of editing and proofreading
3. You’re constructively honest in grammatical and spelling mistakes and have an eye for detail