Current Projects

Last update of this page: Tuesday February 23, 2016

This blog website
The purpose is to end up with a more professional look
Working on an improved front page.
Changes and improvements were discussed regularly. Lately I worked on other things. You find more about that in the blog area.

Dutch version of this website
A WordPress blog’s claimed under the name: PENVOERING

I use a different template, but kept a same brand style in mind. For a while already I didn’t have the time to pay attention to writing in Dutch. Who knows in the future I will.

To my shame I never finished a more creative resume. I only have half finished ones and an old fashioned out of date one on an old extern memory device I can’t even use at the moment. A few weeks ago I started a new from scratch in Photoshop. I used a creme paper texture as background.

First e-book
Genre ~ non fiction, based on a true crime story
Title  ~ Cross-Country Killer
First draft ~ over 70,000 word count, 165 pages (finished on april 15 2014)
Cover ~ half way through rough stage (postponed fine tuning and changes)
Fase two ~ rewriting and editing the first draft (postponed until other projects are more developed)
A serial and spree killer is on a weeks long rampage on the road, abducting women left and right

Other e-books
Plenty of ideas in my head, plenty of unfinished work on that same old extern memory, but no plans for the moment to work on this. One day. I’ll promise myself