Expose other content or places

Today’s assignment is about creating an extra page, to reflect other content or places you’re involved in onto your blog. The extra page needs to appear in an easy to view spot. The purpose is in a text widget or in the direct menu

blog course 201, WordPress, day 9

Link display
Today I will settle for a list of links where you can track me down elsewhere in digital space.
Basically, I just can take over the placed links in the day eight blog post
Because I mostly focus on the content I already deliver on my blog, there’s nothing to point to different kind of content.

I do have a Dutch WordPress and I point there to my English one, but the other way around is basically useless. Most people who directly will enter the English one, won’t be able to read the Dutch one. Therefore, I translate articles I use there and make them suitable for the English blog. Or I’ll do it the other way around. It depends in what language I wrote the original article. Both blogs share similarities in brand and subjects but surely will differ as well, by offering some unique articles that don’t show up on the other blog.

Similar brand reflections
Already I made sure I use the same avatars and headers elsewhere as the images I use on my WordPress blog. I’ll continue to expand, improve and clarify my brand, until I have the ultimate. For example, I do need to transfer my tagline to the other places and be clear about key words I use on this blog and add those in my descriptions at those other places.

To Do list
If creating an extra space didn’t fit my plan, I could focus on the past eight days. Well, creating a new page I have done. It’s called List of my hangouts. Still, I will focus on past days. The ideas I have. Tasks that are in arrear and I couldn’t execute yet. That’s why I will post a short reference list here under, to fall back on later.

  • Create a new header
    The existing one reflects too little what my blog is about exactly. It’s too general and it is too short in width. The conflict I’m having is that the header can’t be too specific either. Something to ponder over some more.
  • Visit all my regular spots, to implement my tagline and important reflecting words in descriptions
  • Expand my Social Plan
    First to make a new folder with the name Plans and Schedules and put it on my desktop and stick all related documents in there. It will make it easier to keep track and work on them by adjusting and adding when necessary. Then I will come up with a more detailed schedule for the Social Plan, about what to do daily and what amount of time
  • Add the latest in the what’s new page
  • Expand my Cross-Country Killer page
  • Work on my Free Material Page
    For example: To make the table work the way I want. Me and the table haven’t reached an agreement in this manner, but I will show it who’s boss.
  • Come up with one article for my other knowledge page in the knowledge center
    I added the subject forensics and I will write the first article

Work is never done
I can go on and on about all the tasks and ideas I want to work on, but these were the first that came to mind. These are the prime tasks I will finish. Only then I move on to the next series of tasks.

Considering the blogging batch
The last suggestion for day 9 was about the blogging course batch. To show I’m serious about better blogging, which I am, I could position it on my blog. I’m thinking about whether I want to do that or not. For now I will place it in this post. If I decide to use it in a more visible spot, I only need to cut or copy the code from here to that spot.
Blogging U.


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