Learn how to cut out words


The idea
To learn improving your texts for web use. Web texts require a different approach than texts in books or documents.
Read about the original concept on the dailypost wordpress blog. I learned about it through the American Pie blog post.

How does it work
You pick a story, fictional or non-fictional and try to sum it up in exactly fifty words.
It will let you toy with learning how to cut out superfluous words and information.
I decided to base mine on a true story from the Dateline episode: The mystery on Bridle Path*

My first fifty

They divorced, after sharing 20 years and two lovely daughters. She’s dead and he’s in jail. A lifestyle far exceeding his yearly salary and monthly 6000 dollars partner-alimony got in the way. He schemed to lead suspicion away from him, to no avail. The mountain-high circumstantial evidence delivered a conviction.

More examples of this challenge


  • If you tuned in and found the YouTube video deleted, contact me. I have this episode for personal use in my media archive. Request a copy for the same purpose. The rights naturally stay with the rightful owners. I’m not one of them
2 comments on “Challenge
  1. Sherri says:

    Hi Mirjam, many thanks for linking back to my ‘American Pie’ post. I’m glad that it inspired you to try the same and I do like your story very much. It is much harder than it looks isn’t it, trying to write a story in 50 words!
    Wishing you the best with all your writing endeavours 🙂 – Sherri

  2. Hi Sherri, thanks for stopping by ánd leaving a comment. You sure did inspire me to do this exercise. I’m glad you started that topic on Linked In, where I saw it. I even already tried a second one. I added a link to that page above the comment in this short article. 😉

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