Stats analysis

Maybe you notice, maybe you don’t. I will tell you anyway that there isn’t a day four blog post.
Unbeknownst to me at day three, I already covered most of day four in that blog post. That’s why I left day four assignment with a message on dailypost.

Todays assignment is about my stats, viewable in my dashboard. I will discuss that and cover a topic I started today in the blog course’s commons area about categories and tags.

Take a look
Not new to me was, were I could find my stats. Honest is honest, I mostly left it with the daily number of views. My WordPress site is fairly new and just a few people come by daily. Good news is that they mostly look around further than just one page.

Barely had I looked what was behind the summaries links. The assignment for today was to take a look there and conclude which covered topics and days were most popular.

Covered topics
The most popular topics of ‘all time’ (nearly three weeks, my blog isn’t older than that) are the posts I wrote about subject blog course 201 and the home page.

My biography page got sixteen views and the article Collateral Damage had nine. Right behind was article Unidentified: give us back our names with eight views.
Do you already feel sorry for me? That’s easily solved by dropping by more often, an inviting hint, yes. You’re very welcome.
I know, it sounds kind of sad if you compare my stats to the page views the dailypost receives.
That doesn’t bother me, though. I’ve just started.

Best days
Today was the best day.
Wednesday and Monday share a second place and Thursday was a good third.
My change for this week is +127.50%
Last week was +14.29%
The week before was +13.51%

Daily posts
Up until now I have posted an article almost every single day.
One reason is to make a jump with filling my new website blog.
Another is that I have articles lying around I already have written before. They’re in Dutch, translating, editing and updating is necessary. It does make it easier for me to pick one, do the extra work, create an accompanying image and publish, instead of having to start from zero.

The started topic
When I started this website blog, I created my individual structure. I didn’t realise that by creating pages instead of posts I hadn’t access to tags, to include with my articles. That’s an issue now.

I’m always looking for easy and quick solutions and opened a topic, to find out if it could be easily changed. Luckily, a couple of people were so nice to respond. It doesn’t look too good for me and I’ll be very likely up for making big changes to get access to the desirable tags. Well, it keeps me off the street, we shall say.

Because in my case less stats are available to conclude from, I will continue to post every day.
At the moment it’s more important to get the word out that I do exist and write, than to pick fewer and best days to post. I will keep that in mind and let that happen later on.

Of course, I don’t throw out a post just to post something. I do try to come up with an interesting article, worth reading. I even return to the article within a few days, read it again and revise some details to improve the quality.

It’s part of what I write about and is important to me: improving myself, learning to become better at the existing skills and learn new ones along the way.

2 comments on “Stats analysis
  1. QueasyPeasy says:

    WOW, you have put a lot into your homework, wish I was that focussed. How do you manage to post every day with having to translate as well, I am in awe! I like your blog look. It is clean and crisp and I think it fits well with what you’re trying to achieve as a writer graphic artist 🙂

  2. Hi QueasyPeasy! Thanks for stopping by and another thanks for also leaving a message behind.
    You’re right. I’m on a mission. I’m very determined in reaching my goals. I write about it in general in the article: How to improve achieving.
    You can find that article in the widget on the right site. At some point it will be replaced by newer articles, but then you still can find it in the Knowledge center, under other knowledge.

    It’s very nice to hear the look of this website blog dóes fit with my purposes. I wasn’t too sure it would come across as I intended. The reason? Because half of my subects are about the ‘dark’ side of life. Then people could expect a darker lay-out to point that out.
    While I want balance. Throw in some light against the dark.

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