The truth: mostly that

True stories are what I’m after.

I like them, because it happened to non-fiction people.
More specifically, I have a tendency for true stories involving subjects true crime, domestic violence, stalking and similar. It’s hard to explain why a person has an interest in the heavier stuff in life. In violence, death, missing persons, injustices and maltreatment of women.

Probably because I had my share of it in life. Other than that, it goes to my heart that worldwide women get treated badly. One can’t publish enough about what happens to women every day.

True Crime
It’s a broad subject. You can’t follow everything, you can’t write about all. Therefore, I limited myself to the true crimes done to women and in a lesser manner to children and men.
Are the two last groups less important? No. I just leave those subjects mostly to other writers.
I’m less interested in crimes like burglaries, fraud and extortion. Does it mean I condone those? No. It’s mostly that some stories hit home and others less or not at all. For a writer, it’s best to write about something that is close to your heart, what instigates passion.

Movies based on true stories
In the Netherlands, in the 90’s, Wednesday night was true story movie night. The Wednesday evening cry movie as we called it. I watched many of those. The last few years, I started to collect them digitally. In the category movies based on true stories you’ll find articles on those movies and the real people behind them.

The truth and mostly that
Telling it how it is, is what I prefer the most. Only there’s a hitch. There’s fact and there’s the account of the people involved. That’s what makes it hard to define if a story is 100% true. It all depends on what the media allows you to find out and how true they stay to facts. That’s what made me decide to write my e-books ‘based on’. I can’t possibly know for sure if something I found out is really how it all went down. I have to keep my options open. That’s truth also.

2 comments on “The truth: mostly that
  1. rmharrington says:

    Hi, Mirjam.

    Can I assume that you use these true stories as a means of helping other people who are also caught up in a “true” but “tragic” life experience?


  2. rmharrington, first of all, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate it.

    The first reason I write about true stories is because of awareness. Keeping it in the public that a lot of negative events are happening in this world, we shouldn’t ignore or get immune to. We might not always be able to help directly, but there are other ways of helping.
    In that way, your assumption is right. I want to do my share. It’s therefore also meant to remember. Older cases get forgotten quickly. Life went on. The only people who still deal with it, are the ones who were directly involved. By writing about a certain case I stumble upon, my indirect message is also: remember, this did happen and it still matters.

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