True Crime

True Crime, articles, oversight
True crime means that it’s about real facts and the stories following are as close to the truth as possible.
As a disclaimer, I have to add that details might differ, because of conflicting sources.
As a writer, you can’t ignore that a certain part might have happened slightly differently.
People, in the shape of witnesses and newspaper reporters, pass their statements along. They each have their own way of perceiving events.
I, as a writer, wasn’t there. I have to rely on those sources, but they might have their facts wrong. For that reason only, I say my articles and stories have a ‘based on’ part included.

Stalked, Collateral Damage



 Collateral Damage ~ description ~ A case of stalking, based on t.v. show Stalked: Someone’s Watching


Frozen years



 Frozen years ~ description ~ A woman disappears after a night out. Her car’s found, she isn’t. What happened to her?





 Into Pieces: The Sylvia Fleming Murder ~ One day Sylvia disappears. Her sisters knows something happened. How bad,  they never imagined.

Marianne Vaatstra, Jasper Steringa



Justice Waited Thirteen years ~ Queen’s Day 1997, the Netherlands. Marianne Vaatstra, a 16 year-old, has celebrated that day like many others. Unlike others, she never arrived home. The next day she’s found in a meadow.


Kabul, Prison, Women


 Kabul’s Heart Crimes ~ description ~ Based on a documentary about a couple of women in Kabul’s prison



Neda, Iran, Green Movement


Neda: Victim of Iran ~ description ~ Shortly after the elections in 2009. An Iranian woman’s watching a demonstration. It’s the last thing she will ever do.




Unidentified – Give us back our names ~ description ~ A young boy’s found. Nobody knows who he is. One of many.


Queens Day, Apeldoorn, Karst T


2009 Queens Day Drama ~ description ~ An official festive day ends in drama.

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